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    What is the 11;11 thing I must have missed it.I read that you paint murals in peoples homes and on ceramics.I do the ceramic tile murals too. Do you fire ceramics in an oven or kiln. I'd like to share information with you.atiledsner
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    But would like to in future. I would like to have my own kiln, but it costs too much. Can you do it in the oven???wow.

    I paints on canvas & walls in home, and on the ceramics. I usually take them to a ceramic store to fire them, but since we moved, i can't seem to find a shop.

    Thanks so much for this, i almost missed yall, as i was about to sign off. Glad to see this,

    Thanks katy & atiledesigner!

    I will be putting in my own tile backsplash sometime this year, maybe countertops also. Maybe you can advise me when i'm ready?? as i watch all hgtv & diy shows.
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    pages back, in the title it has 11:11 in it, so many people replied to her post as she sees the numbers all the time. It's a good read! check it out