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    I thought I'd just make a new post, instead of keeping my other one running, lol.

    About sleeping after your surgery. I Rented myself a Really Comfortable Relciner for 2 months, it was not that expensive, and it was so worthit.

    The one I had wasn't comfortable, and I couldn't afford a new one, so a Friend suggested renting one. She's always full of good advise, lol.

    Well it sure worked great for me, I could not laydown flat to sleep after the First Operation, and I probably won't beable to after this next one. They will go in through the Front, too. I'll have a scar on the back of neck and the front of neck.

    I just want to make sure that the Surgical Team will be aware that I have CMP, and that they double check my positin on the table. I can't afford to lose the use of my left arm too.

    What I had is similiar to this Chari-Mal? and it's operated on the same way, so possibly, they ae the same Procuder, the Docrtor I had was very Arragont and would not admit that they Screwed up. Oh well. I have Great Doctors now, and that is what count's, they all treat me for the conditions I have and the FMS/CMP, makes a big difference in recovery. (I hope :>}

    Also, how long have you lived in Chicago? I have been looking for someone who has current knowledge of the area back in the late 60's, and what the same area is now.

    If you do, let me know and we can chat on the Chit Chat board about that. Oh yeah, your from Kentucky? I'm a 3rd cousin, of John C Breckenridge, I found out a lot about Him through so nice Members here, when I was doing some research for my Book. Yes I will get Spell Check, someday.

    Anyway, Please let us Know when you are going in for the Surgery so we can Support you with Prayers and Good Wishes.
    You'll do Fine, and get that Chair, one of thoes real Big Comforable cushy one. I went and tried them out, and found one I liked real well. I wished I had of done it Before the Surgery, would have saved my self some slepless night's, 3 to be exact.

    FMS, kicked in after this Surgery also.

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    I don't think I will be able to sleep in a regular bed either so I will check into this. I have a comfy recliner and it lays back pretty far so it may work.

    Did your first operation alleviate any of your symptoms? If mine can just help this neck and shoulder pain, I will be happy. It is so bad today. They couldn't believe I'm not on pain medication but I never wanted to ask but much of this pain and I will have to.

    I hope this surgery goes better for you than the last. That's what I'm worried about is something going wrong.

    I have no idea about Chicago, this was my first time there. I am from Kentucky and drove 7 hours to see Dr. Heffez. It was well worth the trip. I do hate having surgery so far from home but I just don't trust anyone else. I know there are other good neurosurgeons out there but I don't know where to look. Especially one thats believes in CFS/FMS and POTS. Dr. HeffeZ is knowledgeable about all three.

    I will post before I have surgery and you do the same. I wish you the best and wish you much relief.

    Take care,
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    It took awhile and a lot of PT, but it did help for awhile, the problem was I was still in Pain because of my Right arm. With the Torn Cuff, I couldn't use my arm, couldn't lift it, hold anything in it, it was limp and hurt. They went back in after 5 Months, and that's when they found it was torn, and in the opposite direction of a normal cuff tear.

    Like I said they didn't have a Clue that I had the FMS/CMP, so maybe that would have made a difference, but as Backwards as they are up there, I don't know.

    I don't know how you can go without any Pain Med's, boy, I hurt so bad I can't think of anything else, and I'm Trying everything, got a new Mary Higgins Clark book, got my TV, and 300 station's (?), but all I do is surf, I watch a little here and a little there.
    Sometimes Pain is that way, and even tho I have Pain Med's, and they do help, it's always there in the back, just waiting for the Meds to wear off or for me to make the Wrong Move.

    I can't even Drive now, and I love to get out, so I'm Housebound, except for the walks around the Mobile Park, but that's not a lot of fun lately either.

    The Pain can cause the FMS/CMP to make me more miserable, than if I just had the SS/DD/OA. like Normal People, whoever they are. lol.

    I also thought of Renting a Hospital Bed this time and Putting it in the Front Room, so I won't feel so Shut-in, But they are harder for me to lay in than a Recliner, I keep slipping down the bed. When I rent a Chair, I get one of thoes real Expensive kind that I wouldn't be able to afford if I bought it. Live it Up once in awhile.

    Is your Hubby going with you during the Surgery?
    We took our Camp Tralier, the Hospital's in Bosie, Id, have parking place's for them, with electrical hook up's.
    He ate in the Hospital Cafe. Believe it or not they do Have Good Food now aday's, better than the Room Food. That saved us some Money, so he didn't have to stay in a motel.
    I was in there for 7 day's, and I was so glad to go home.

    The reason you should get your Pain Meds from your Dr ahead of time is so that when you get home you have them there.
    They sent me home with a RX for Synolog, which has Asprin in it, I'm Allergic to Asprin, and I had to go to the Local Hispital, where they Treated me for a Heatattack.

    I kept telling them that it was the stupid Med they gave me.
    So the Hospital took Blood from my Artery, (won't be doing that anytime soon) and sure enough I wasn't having a H.A.; but a drug reaction. They sent me home with Vicodins, and I haven't taken anything but them ever since.
    So if I had been able to have the Script before the Surgery, I would have been the one to have it filled, and then I would have asked my Pharmacist what was in it, and saved myself a Whole lot of unnecessary Pain and Anxiety.

    I now get Prepared as much as possible.

    I also give my new Doctor's the Printout's that you can get from Devin Starlanyl (s) website. I like the one for "Neruosurgeon's", and since I will be seeing a new one, He or She will get the Info. Even if they say they Know, I want to make sure they do, there are a couple of things that I High-light, to make sure they read that at least.

    Be Perpared for anything, and it won;(t happen, if you don't it'll happen, for Me at least, lol. that 's been my lot in lfe, so I go the extra mile to be Safe sometimes.

    Sorry for Rambling, been sleeping all day, Bed rest sucks, and it does help my neck some, but I get so Lonely there.
    I do Range of Motion excerise 2 x a day, stretching only, keeps th Blood Clots at bay, I hope. since I can't take Asprin lol. gotta do soemthing.

    Good Luck with your Surgery, and I'll continue to Read your Post's, which I usually do.

    Sincerely and God Bless You
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