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    I am assuming that everyone has heard about this new kind of flu or something that has hit China very hard.
    I was wondering is there anything all of us need to be doing since our immune system might not be up to par. Maybe the water we drink or don't mix with large crowds or stay away from persons that are coughing and sneezing,or try to get enough sleep or wash your hands a lot or just wear a mask over your mouth.
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    is a little scarier in and around Toronto where many people are quarantined.
    I had to have a cat scan on March 27, in a suburban hospital, little did I know that this same afternoon the hospital closed for visitors and people having medical tests.
    Two days ago, I received a phone call from the hospital if I was having any tests in any other hospital, which luckily I did not - otherwise I would have been quarantined as well.
    But, I try not to get carried away, however am much more cautious where I am going and above all what I am touching, no door handles, no elevators, no escalator handles and no flights out of Toronto and lots of hand washing until this illness is under control here.
    But in most parts of the U.S. this is not a problem, so don't worry needlessly.
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    We all have enough health issues to manage. Let's not go and borrow trouble. Simple precautions which we should be doing everyday anyway for general hygene: like washing hands often, covering our mouths, using paper towel to open public bathroom doors, keeping our fingers out of our noses and mouths, etc.

    Well, at least they are all normal for me (used to work in a preschool) as OSHA required it of all employees. If I see someone in a restraunt not wash their hands after going to the bathroom or touching their nose and then handling the food I report imeadiately to the managers and don't eat there anymore if they don't remedy the situation. More or less a common sense of cleanliness....but not to borrow trouble. We get accused of being hypocondriacs as it is....Please don't give them more reason to stick on that label. [This Message was Edited on 04/06/2003]
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