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  1. Rosiebud

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    Hi Sassy

    how are you getting on with your CPAP machine.

    I've used mine with nasal mask for three nights, finding it really difficult. Second night, lost my temper as it was hurting my face.

    Still havent managed to sleep a night with it but must persevere.

  2. Rosiebud

    Rosiebud New Member

    first night I used the machine, it was all I could do not to cry, didnt tell my husband. So I understand about the crying feeling. I just thought how terrible that I was going to have to wear this thing every single night. Then second night, fit of temper.

    Phoned clinic and they're sending me a different mask so hopefully it will be better. Managing a bit longer every night but it is difficult to get used to.

    Thing is Sassy it's difficult for us to sleep anyway with cfs / fibro.

    I have been on a site (UK) and everyone there says how much they have benefitted from using the machine and that you do get used to it. Takes a few weeks. Feel more refreshed and some actually lose weight!!!

    Keep in touch and let me know how its working out for you.

    Looked at your profile, sassy, your dog and rabbit are beautiful, what a cute photo.

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