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    Hi Sassy2. I was reading your post on different names for Jesus. I have a question about something you said but didn't want to "butt" in so stared my own to ask.

    Why is Jesus sometimes referred to as "the fourth man in the furnace?" I have never heard this before.

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    I hope that Sassy won't mind my reply.

    I believe the fourth man refers to a story in the book of Daniel chapter three about Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego being thrown into the fiery furnace by King Nebuchnezzar.

    When the looked into the fire he saw four men instead of three.

    " He answered and said,Lo,I see four men loose, walking in the midst of the fire,and they have no hurt;and the form of a fourth is like Son of God." Daniel 3:25.

    love denamay
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    Sassy, Your explaination tells it all.

    It helps to get the whole story, mine was just the facts.

    Interesting though, about how many names there are for Jesus.

    I wonder just what the actual count is?

    My favorite is: "the bright and morning star".

    Love Denamay

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    That is a beautiful story. I knew you'd have a good explanation. Love your input Denamay.