Sauna good or bad?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by gurlinottawa, Oct 26, 2006.

  1. gurlinottawa

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    Hey fellow boarders,

    Hope today finds you strong in your journey and / or embraced in the arms of peace if you have run out of strength.

    I am wondering if Sauna, dry heat is good for fibro or not?

    I have noticed since I have gone through a year of seasons with the pain now, that the cold weather makes the pain more predominant. So I must think the heat and sunlight had something to do with the less pain.

    Also, suntanning booths a good alternative to sunlight?

    I have started taking Vit D - 4ooo ui's per day which is supposed to be a good idea since I live in Ottawa which is wet, cold and dark from Sept to May.

    any thoughts?
  2. razorqueen

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    I have heard and read that far infared saunas are supposed to very good for FM and all other kinds of ailments. It is very different that the other type of sauna.

    I hope to get one oneday.
  3. Slayadragon

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    I told my doctor recently that I had installed a steam shower (a tightly enclosed shower that fills with steam for short periods) at my house.

    He suggested that the infrared sauna would be "even better," but I don't have room in my house for something like that.

    Both dry and moist heat are supposed to be good for detoxifying, which seems to be helpful for both CFS and fibro.

    I don't know if dry or moist heat would help fibro pain, since that's not a major issue for me.
  4. Slayadragon

    Slayadragon New Member

    We had that bathroom totally gutted and redone, and decided to add the steam component while we were doing it.

    It probably cost as much extra as many separate saunas since they have to custom fit all the pieces of the shower so that the steam does not leak out.

    However, it does have the major advantage of not taking up any extra room in our house. That shower area is 4'x3', which is just about the right size.

    So far (it's been about 9 months) it's worked great.

    The thing I've heard about both steam rooms and saunas for detoxification is that you should first take a shower to get off all the surface dirt. Then sit for a while. Some toxins should rise to the surface. Then take another shower, scrubbing hard to make sure that the toxins aren't reabsorbed.

    Cool water after a sauna or steam room should be used (and probably will feel best anyway).

    A couple of repetitions (heat-cool-heat-cool) and I start to feel like mush. In a good way.
  5. Summit

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    Heat feels good on achy stuff, whether dry heat or wet. Vit. D for you is probably a good idea too. I don't like sunbathing (my skin doesnt' like the sun) and it's not good for anyone really. Good luck
  6. millennia

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    I don't know about the sauna, but I was at a hotel with a hot-tub a few weeks ago. After a half hour in there, I probably went a good four hours with zero pain! Absolutely none!!! If I had the money, I would invest in one of those.
  7. gurlinottawa

    gurlinottawa New Member

    so thankful for finding this forum. what a great resource to connect with others from all over the place, various seasons and weather, which we basically get all four seasons here.

    I did ask as well cause I am finding I cannot tolerate the humidity and sun here during the summer. My eyes and then headache, not good... plus any excessive heat (like now the landlord cranks the old boiler in my building to top heat and I cant control it, my hands swell up so bad!! )

    I have a gym membership and they have a sauna. Guess I will just try it out and see how it goes!! Been hard going to the gym since the cold came. I had hardly any pain or brain fog this summer and now, back at it!!

    thanks for your info, and if anyone has more about the sun booths, or sauna or what not please contribute, all help is greatly appreciated...

    today for my pain i tried tylenol arthritis 2 tabs and ibuprofen 2 tabs and the pain is held off though just kind of disguised under this stoner head thing from the meds... let me get some stuff done... hopefully find better solutions soon. I chickened out of the doctors appointment i had today... I was going to ask the doctor to refer me to a rheametologist (?) but instead of letting her refer me to god knows who, I figured i would find my own, that knows about and acknowledges FM and then go to her and get her to refer me to the doctor I chose.

    live and learn eh?
  8. evol_or_revert

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    I am lucky enough to have a dry sauna at home, I find it great really relaxing and great for pain.

    But I am unable to have more then one every three days other wise it makes me quite sick.

    I'm not an expert but I would stay away from suntanning booths. A better alternative is full spectrum(sp)light bulb which can be found in places on the internet. These can be put in light boxs so that you get the full benafits of all the colours that comes in natural light.

  9. baanders

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    of time and if you're not pregnant. The heat is really penetrating. Too long can aggravate medical conditions such as hypertension, headaches, and lead to dehydration.

    On the positive side, the heat can really alleviate muscle spasms and induce calmness. If you look at ProHealth's ordering on-line, they sell saunas for roughly 1,0000. They claim that saunas detoxify the body and get rid of heavy metal toxins.

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  10. gurlinottawa

    gurlinottawa New Member

    hey friends,

    thanks for the info. I really enjoy getting your feedback. I live in apartment, and seriously considered last year getting an infrared box, they sell for about 1000.00 CA but, i would suck the life out of all the electricity for the building im sure, plus the hydro bill would just be silly. cheaper to go to placed that offer it. there is a place nearby i figure i will try, its like 25.00 for a session. work it if it take the pain away.

    peace in your day