Savella- a new med i take for fibro

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  1. Hello, Im new to this board and read all the posts, i relate to everyones challenges of everyday life with fibro. I have also had 2 major back surgeries 11months apart 5yrs ago, alot of chronic damage ,in which nothing can be done about is another problem, been thru alot of diff meds and all that good stuff, i dont know if anyone has heard of the new med that came out about 1yr ago just for fibro, its called Savella, my pain management dr put me on it, it has helped the fibro maybe 30%, which is better than when i tried lyrica which did nothing but make me sick. If i were you i would try it, i also have alot of diff meds for chronic pain in my back and nerve damage from my back surgeries. I was a nurse and the fibro and back surgeries took it all from me. Thanks for reading
    Take care and have a good day
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    How different we all are with this DD! I can't take Savella because it makes me sick, but I can take Lyrica, 75mg a day for neuropathy is as high as I can go. Savella is actually an older medication, whose formula was tweaked, given a new name and reintroduced as a "new" drug. Sometimes if you look at the generic names and chemical makeup, you find it's almost identical to something you took a long time ago. They belong to a class of drugs called SSRI's (selective seratonin reuptake inhibitors) and their first line of treatment is anti-depressant, not painkillers. However, doctors seems to believe that if you have chronic pain, you are probably depressed over it, so let's give you an antidepressant! It's also used for people with PTSD and other psychotic issues. I'm NOT a doctor or medical professional, nor do I claim to be. It's just that I used to believe everything my doctor told me and that all the drugs were "saving my life". I wound up with drug-induced hepatitis, low platelets and liver disease. I just wish I had known sooner. Now there isn't a drug or supplement that goes into my mouth that I don't research and decide if it's right for ME. And I take it very slowly. I do as much natural as possible with very good results most of the time. But even with natural stuff, it's still a cat and mouse game, trying to find that combo that will give you any lasting relief.

    Just know that you're among friends and we understand what you're going through! And there is a treasure trove of good stuff and good people!

    Soft hugs,
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    We sure are all different. I couldn't handle Lyrica as it made me sleep like I was in a coma, but I was put on Cymbalta and for a year and a half it took all of my pain away. I was shocked. I have not tried Savella but will keep it in mind in case I need some help in the pain area. Thank you. MicheleK
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    Made me sleep all the time and did nothing for my pain.
  5. Nikki

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    Welcome to the board . . . you're among friends. I tried Savella; then I moved on to Lyrica. Stopped Lyrica b/c my short term memory was horrible after several yrs of taking it. But, the Lyrica did help for several yrs.

    Wishing you continued success with Savella. 30% less pain is not so bad. Wonder how dangerous we'd all be if we had no pain for one day . . . scary thought. LOL

    Soft Hugs,
    Sharon (Nikki)
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    I'm a woos . . I have a bottle of each of these meds and I'm afraid
    to taken them.

    My Neuro prescribed Cymbalta because he said depression
    causes pain. I told him I wasn't depressed and he said I was.
    I'm sorry, but none of my tests revealed depression. He was
    the second doc to confirm my FMS diagnosis. After I lifted the
    bottle of Cymbalta from the box, the insert came out . . it hung
    from my waist to the floor. Call me a scaredy cat, but I can't
    get myself to take one.

    My Gyno prescribed the Ultram. I really shouldn't have picked
    it up because I take Imitrex for my migraines and I can't take
    both. My migraine relief is more important to me because I
    get more than 10 a month.

    My Rheuma prescribed the Gabapentin and I just picked it up
    today. No way am I taking that. One of my major complaints
    is lightheadedness/dizziness and that's the most prominent
    side affect. I read a Gaba blog and many, many people with
    chronic pain who took it, got too dizzy to get out of bed. My
    Rheuma was the third doc to diagnose my FMS . . If one more
    doc touches my tender points, I'll scream before they do, not
    after. All 3 docs found my symptoms consistent with FMS
    in addition to their touch/jab test to confirm it.

    So . . I take 1/2 Vicodin tablet every night with supper for
    slight relief from the burning type pains. It makes me so sleepy
    in the day time, so I cannot take it at work. Just the slightest
    relief allows me to wash my dishes.

    I am so sensitive to meds, and that began way before my FMS

    I have mixed feeling about becoming addicted to a pain med.
    Part of me says, "who cares" . . the other part thinks that I'd
    be forced to stop taking a med for some reason and need
    to be committed for withdrawal. Guess, I'm just a bit weird :)

    I'm glad for those of you who have tried meds and found some
    that you can tolerate.

    It's interesting to read the differences among them and their


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