Savella..Does it cause weight gain??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by fieldmouse, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. fieldmouse

    fieldmouse New Member

    I have't been on here for a year or so. I hope everyone I talked to in the past is doing well.
    Just to fill in a little. My FM Doc in Portland left his practice and my Family Doc also closed her practice (and my dentist). I am having a horrible time finding a new doc. Most just turm me away. I got into see a NP yesterday at a new clinic. She gave me a two week trial af savella. I see it has been out long enough that hopefully I can get some good feedback here. I read alot of older posts but did't see alot of new ones. Anyone with experience with Savella, I would really appreciate ANY feedback you can give me. Thanks so much, Fieldmouse
  2. cathugs

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    Hi fieldmouse,
    I am on Savella. I have been on it since it came on the market.(about 4 months, I think).
    It causes weight loss. I have lost about 13 lbs since I have been on it. I really need to lose weight so that is a plus for me.

    The only side affects I have had is a little nausea and excessive sweating. The nausea is very fleeting and maybe I won't have to stay wrapped in a quilt all winter. LOL.

    Savella is not a miracle cure but it is helping me. It has helped my fatigue the most.
    Do you have ins. that will pay for yours? I had a huge prob. with my ins. They finally agreed to
    pay some. I pay 76.00 and they pay 56.00, but that is better than the whole amount.

    I don't have any answers for doctors. I live in North Carolina. I have a wonderful Rheumy that diagnosed my fibro and chronic fatigue about 12 years ago.

    He has really tried to help me. We have tried every thing and the Savella is the only thing that has remotely helped.
    I am also on Hydrocodone for pain,Zanaflex for muscle spasms,Clonazepam to keep my brain from overloading, Meloxicam for Osteoarthritis, Metoprolol for HBP, Lasix, and Prilosec
    to keep everything else from killing my stomach.

    Please keep us posted on how the Savella is working for you ,and have a good week.

  3. hottxxxtopp

    hottxxxtopp New Member

    Thank you for those details. My dr. told me about Savella and I was hoping to find someone who has taken it. When my Lyrica runs out I am going to try it. Thanks again. Patti
  4. fieldmouse

    fieldmouse New Member

    Thanks for the info. and so sorry it took so long to get back here. I am really not sire what to do. I stopped taking the savella after about 6 days because I couldn't sleep. I really want it to work and I want to start taking it again. I wonder if I can stay on the lower dose for a longer period before going to the higher dose. I was fine on the 12.5 mg. but as soon as I went to the 25 I could Not sleep. Any Ideas about this?? Thanks for any input!!

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