Savella has it helped anyone?

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  1. Last appt my dr wanted me to start it, I know some posts have been written here already. Most mention hot flashes, heck I have been having them terrble on my own. so I am wondering, has everyone gotten them and has this med helped anyone much, and what side effects? I am so leary of new meds. Does it help the pain or mood the most? I go at the end of the mo and haven't decided to try it or not as I get tired of being a guinea pig so to speak.
  2. FibroFay

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    and have been on it all summer. I'm taking 50mg. twice a day.

    It made a huge difference in my pain level and gave me more energy early on. It has stopped working. And I am drenched in sweat every day. It's a full-time job to keep showering the sweat off!

    I see my doctor the end of the month and I'm going to ask him to take me off it. I'll go back to Cymbalta.

    Good luck!
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    I just started it 3 wks ago, it has helped with the widespread pain somewhat I am on 50mg 2 x day. The only thing is my depression is coming back, I had hot flashes already before starting which are now worse and I am so extremely tired more than usual. My doc gave me ritalin 10 mg as needed once a day for the fatigue. Because I could no longer afford provigil. The only thing is is that I love my coffee in the morning and I can't take both, I have taken half with no coffee and makes me energized bunny, but I realized I do to much over doing it that next day I pay, and also I crash hard afterwards. Sorry to get off topic. By the way I am fairly new to board hope you don't think I am intruding. My name is Gina nice to meet you.
  4. Boy I went to mdjunction s website as on another thread suggested and savella sounds like a horror story. I just dont know if its worth trying, nausea, dizzy, hot flashes etc.
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    when I tried the savella (went from 12.5mg to 50mg) it was awful..Constant sweating, nausea, headache & stopped taking it when the sides of my hands/forearms went numb & tingling...I was afraid of a heart attack or stroke.

    I would advise starting w/the low dose first, & if you get the side effects, it probably is a forewarning of more to come w/the higher dose. It did help w/the bending over, general loosening of my muscles. Isn't it something it helps, but one can't tolerate the side effects? Not fair... :eek:)

    Wish you the best;

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