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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by kathyrn, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. kathyrn

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    After 4 weeks of savella therapy, I am convinced it is working. I still have some pain in my low back, buttocks, and hips; especially if I work too hard the day before. I haven't had pain in my neck, shoulders, arms, or thighs (areas of past symptoms) in weeks. I also have increased energy and strength. Didn't help with the insomnia. Started on elavil for insomnia 5 days ago--made it worse. Now adding xango to my treatment plan, and joined the YMCA today. Went swimming on Fathers Day. The following Monday was the best day I've had in 9 months. That convinced me of the benefit of water exercise. Hope it wasn't a fluke after spending the money to join the Y. Anyone else using xango-notice any improvements?
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    I am very happy to hear that Savella is working for you. I started on Savella on Wednesday, so its not been a week yet. I hope that I have the same results from Savella that you have had.

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    glad it is working for did help my pain but it made me depressed...good luck..happy for you!!!!
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    My doctor just started me on it today, I sure hope it helps! It is supposed to HELP with depression right? I sure hope it doesn't make it worse, I can't handle being even more depressed than I already am. So sorry to hear it made yours worse.
  5. kathyrn

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    It helped my depression, but according to the drug insert, it can make it worse. What I am most pleased about it the decreased fatigue. I can actually make it through the day without a nap

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    I tried Savella for over a month. Did help with the pain; was able to reduce ultram and valium, but blood pressure went way up, slept worse, felt jittery. Had to discontinue. I also felt kind of "out of it" more closed off. Glad it worked for you but I extremely sensitive to meds. but I do try every so often when something new comes along. And I did try it 3 times, slowly build up.. Good luck and hope it keep working for you. I use trazadone for sleep, 1/2 of the smallest pill and it works 80% of the time , not this morning been up since 4 am.
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    Hi Kathryn - I hope it is still working for you. I have been taking Savella for about 4 weeks and cannot get the dossage right.

    It is hard to explain, but I can tell I am getting a little more energy and pain relief. But I am terribly sleepy during the day (no naps) and then at bedtime I too am wide awake. Have you improved with the Xango (don't know what that is). My doc said to try Savella early in morning and then at lunch. Still sleepy all day and awake at night - so weird. I lowered my dosages to 25 in early morning to 25 at lunch. I actually quit taking the lunch dose 2 days ago. Don't know what the half-life of this drug is. Any suggestions?