Savella IS working!

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    Dear folks,
    I started Savella on the advice of my doctor, who stated that he felt Lyrica and Cymbalta were ineffective, and, althought it was new, all of his patients were having "excellent results." That's a pretty big statement, so I asked for a sample before I paid for another drug that did not give me my life back. By the way, he also stated that these patients had gone back to work, which is where I wanted to be! I have been on it three days, and went from nearly unable to think through pain, to visiting with my neighbors, washing my hair (yes, that was too much to even tackle!), balancing my checkbook (I could not sit at a desk), humming to myself, and generally feeling quite lighthearted. In other words, 0 to 50. "60" would have been a complete reversal of all of my symptoms, which, lets face it, probably isn't gong to happen. If it does, great. This improvement is so huge, and the drug is so new, that I wanted to share something you could "take to the bank," so to speak. I am the manager of a local business, and have been training someone to take over my business. My relief shows on my face. My eyes are bright, my skin a normal color, and my pain level is so low that I'd have to categorize it as 1.5. You may want to ask for a sample, just to make sure. I hear it's expensive, but if it gives me my life back, I would gladly pay it.
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    I am on Savella. I have been on it about 2 months. While I am not feeling as good as you are, it is really helping me.

    While there are a few people on the fibro board that cannot take Savella
    there are a lot more people that it is helping.
    A couple of them were, and still are in the clinical trials and they report tremendous improvement. I think one of them said she had lost 53 lbs.

    I have lost 11 lbs. already. I can tell a lot of difference in the amount of stiffness and the fatigue. I have osteoarthritis in all my major joints
    so I have a lot of pain from that, but the fatigue is worse for me than the pain. I can deal with pain a lot better. I also have my good old
    hydrocodone for the pain.

    You can go over to the fibo board and read a lot of posts on Savella including mine.
    THe cost is pretty high. I had to pay for the first month out of pocket
    because the pharmacy said ins. would not pay without prior
    authorization. The ins co . said it did not have to be pre authorized.

    So now I am waiting till they get it straightened out. My dr. gave me samples until they do. It is 130.00 a month for 60 pills that are 50mg.
    I take 50mg twice a day. He is going to up the dosage when I go back next month. I had a touch of nausea with mine,but not enough to really bother me. Oh, and the excess sweating. But I can handle that.

    Don't let ANYONE discourage you from taking Savella as long as it is helping you. Some people don't believe in drugs, but I am not going to suffer as long as there is something out there that will help me.

    I may have a dependence on some of my meds, but that is a far cry from addiction.

    Please keep me updated on how you are doing. What mg.
    are you on now?

    I know how you feel about the expense. I feel the same way.
    I will get the med. some way.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    (((cathugs)))) aka Ruth