Savella: my second go around and doing well

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by susieque, Dec 28, 2010.

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    Hello all, I have posted about Savella on the boards before, but could not find it, so I started a new post.

    This is my second go around with Savella 12.5mg and little over three weeks I am having less pain and a little more energy. Less pain in my hands, arms, a little less in my legs and feet, even seems to be helping my shoulder. What I find most helpful about Savella is it seems to calm me down, but not in the way the other meds had done, you know, to the point that you are 'just there'. This actually allows me to be able to think, and at times, I think I had forgotten how to think, my brain was just a big Fibro Fog.

    My first round of Savella was going rather well and I got this harebrained idea to up the dosage, I mean after all, if I'm doing good on 12.5mg, then hey, 25mg would be great. Uh huh... sent me into a tailspin into depression, was too much for my body to handle, so I went off of it all together for about two months. This time I'm sticking to the 12.5mg for as long as I notice a difference, then, and only then will I go onto a higher dosage, and will be reluctant to do so then.

    Anyone else having any luck with Savella?

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