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    Hi, All!

    Just wanted to update you on my progress. If you read my other posts you know that initially I had about 4-5 days of no pain & then got some pain back. That has continued but my pain level is still so much less than it was & I continue to take only about half of the pain meds that I am prescribed. And when I do take them they actually work now instead of just easing my pain a little.

    As far as fatigue - I don't know if I have more energy or if it's just so much easier to get things done because I don't hurt so bad. Whatever ... I will take it! Lol!
    I have always been more tired in the winter when it gets dark so early so I guess the true test will come in the spring.

    I still have no side effects & for that I am grateful & am believing that I will not have side effects at all.

    I wish so much that all of you could experience the relief I have now & continue to pray that each of you will find whatever it is that will give you some relief. My joy in feeling better is clouded knowing the pain you are still in.

    I thank all of you who have rejoiced with me. It speaks volumes that despite your own suffering you can still be glad for me.

    I hope this doesn't sound like a 'Dear John' letter because I have no intention of leaving these boards! Lol!

    Be Blessed & no that I am praying for all of you!


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