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    has anyone tried this?It's brand new so Im wondering.It seems to have the same ingridients as cymbalta.I have heard really bad things about the cymbalta and the horible withdraw simptoms you have with it.So anyone taking this or have tried the savella please respond.My dr wants me to try it but im so leary to try anything new.
  2. I started it monday. I was on zoloft for 13 yrs and stopped, so I think it all in all it must be ok. Otherwise I would be feeling horrible withdrawals from zoloft. Now it hasn't been enough time but I think you should jump on board with me. I do take other things for pain management. Ruth
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    you are lucky that you aren't having withdrawal problems - many people do.....for me withdrawal from one of the ssri's was one of the 2 worst med experiences I have had (& I have had some really bad ones)
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    you are rt about it being similar to is not actually new, though - it is new to the US, but has been around in other countries for quite some time

    there have been quite a few threads on this site about it - try doing a search on here
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    I've had fibro for 13 years, nothing has worked. Tried Lyrica, pain patches, amitriptylin and Savella. I was on the Savella for about six days, I basically didn't sleep. It did help with the pain, but I only slept about two hours to two and half hours a night, so I stopped taking it. My doctor and have have been going down the list of drugs to try, and I always have to stop taking them due to the side effects. But one person's bad drug could be someone else's miracle drug. Keep trying!