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    I have tried a wide variety of drugs and found that so far savella feels like its helped me ive only be on the medication for about 10 days. It did make me (nauseated) at first but that seemed to fade after the first few days. Its not a cure but they may be on to something finally.
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    I started Savella as well - have been on it only 4 days and felt a little nauseated this am but no other side effects so far.
  3. hensue

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    Every bit that can help us will take it.
    Hope it works wonderful for both of you
  4. siestasuze

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    I too have also tried more meds for Fibro/myofacial pain etc. Have been on Savella for 3full months now. I also was nauseated at first, but that has gone away. My main problem has been with by heart rate. It seems to stay elevated, which is a posted warning/side effect listed by Savella. Are you still taking it?

    Curious how you are doing on it? I just posted my response to being on this "miracle drug" and how it has helped with my brain fog, not so much with the pain, but I have other meds for that. posted on 11/17 SAVELLA WOW!!

    Please let me know how you are doing on it? I'm interested and like to hear good news especially when it deals with this dreaded illness of Fibro.
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