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    Try it, please. It is amazing how much better I feel since taking it and how much it has helped with my pain. I can't tell you much about it except it raises noriphenephrine levels in the brain, much like Cymbalta and the newer antidepressants. Because I cannot take Cymbalta as it does little for me as an antidepressant, I was happy to learn that Savella does the same thing, although not classified as an antidepressant . My neurologist said this is the best medication that has ever been on the market for fibromyalgia and from my experience he is right. Lyrica did nothing for me except make my legs swell. It did nothing for the pain. On Savella, I am out of the bed, out Christmas shopping, and feeling just great. I hardly notice any pain in my arms and legs anymore. I am still sore and feel bruised sometimes, but that deep pain I was experiencing is gone. Just a suggestion from someone who knows what's it's like to suffer.
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    Im glad its working for you.
    I have CFS and Fm(other stuff too) so for me-not going there til they know more.
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    Hi Toots, i just did a post with regards to this new drug as i have a friend taking it and getting the same results as you. What i was asking is that since i have no ins anyone know the cost. I'm very happy for you that it is helping.

    Have A Blessed Day
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    Thank you for your response greatly apprecited.
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    How long have you been taking it, and how long did it take to get results? Thanks Spacey
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    I was so glad to see your success with Savella. I too am feeling really great. First time in almost 15yrs. I don't know of too many people who are willing to try it. My doctor said some other patients of his have refused to start on it & was very glad to see that I was willing to start. He's very positive about Savella. I tried Cymbalta with absolutely no improvement & Lyrica sent me right up to space. I had no idea what I was doing. (and being a recovering alcoholic, I can't take chances like that.) But anyway, Savella's side effects were horrible for me, but I stuck through it because I noticed that the FM symptoms had diminished immediately. I'm left with pretty bad hot sweats, occasional back of the neck headaches & again occasional constipation. But to be free of the severe achiness & tiredness of FM is a blessing. I can deal with the side effects. Which I hope will also lessen. Any comments on your side effects. Would love to hear!
    When you fell well, isn't life GREAT???

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