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    I have been on savella for about 6months now, it is great! I wish i had know about this med 15 yrs ago. My Dr wants me on 100mg a day but i have only been able to work up to 50mg so far. It is hard to increase it and still work. Just to let you know most of last year i was very sickly. I had major flares with the fibromyalgia and reaccurring Bells Palsy. Missed a lot of work. I spent major bucks trying to get rid of Bells Palsy and find a solution to the Fibro. But when my Fibro. Dr. put me on Savella it seemed to help the Fibro and Bells Palsy. I do have a lot of hot flashes but i did not relate it to the meds sense i am at that age anyway until i read some of the post here. it took several weeks to get past the nausea but that finally subsided. And, I did have a period of time that i did not eat as much so I lost a few pounds. I am at the point now that i feel so much better i am attemting to do some Pilates execises to regain some of my strength. But i am in such bad shape i am having to do this very slowly. Just wanted to give some of you some encouragement on the savella journey. Have a Great Day and God Bless.
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    I'm happy for you that you were able to make it through the side effects. I too thought, finally, something I can take that makes me feel my pain is more manageable.

    Unfortunately, the side effects I had were elevated blood pressure, rapid pulse, and sweating. I almost passed out one day cause my pressure was so high. Two of my doctors told me to get off the Savella because they have had other patients coming in with the same problem and the risk for me was to high.

    Keep your pressure monitored and I pray this works for you. You can do a search on this board on Savella and get a lot of other opinions.
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    Thank you so much for siting that Savella can cause elevated blood pressure and heart rate. My rheumatologist told me that Savella has something in it that stimulates the adrenals and that's what helps with fatigue. I told him that I was worried about anything that stimulated my adrenals because I've had blood pressure and heart rate problems. He didn't say much after that. So I have been wondering about this because my heart rate and pressure problems got worse recently and I had to have a hospital stay. I am also having mysterious hot flashes and sure don't need anything that will cause for me to get hotter than I already am.
    It might be a real answer for some people but when one already has blood pressure and heart rate problems it can look a little scary. I don't think that I will be trying this medication.
  4. heapsreal

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    i think tramadol seems the most reliable med for pain and energy, but does tend to loose effect. The only antidepressant i have found useful for energy was wellbutrin, tried reboxetine but couldnt stop sweating even on low dose once a day, which did ease but to uncomfortable to be like that at work. tricyclic antid's have been good for sleep but havent found them helpful for pain though

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