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  1. phoenixrising2

    phoenixrising2 New Member

    Hi everyone. I haven't posted in quite awhile as I've had severe medical problems other than my ME/CFS and Fibro.

    I have high blood pressure and take bystolic twice a day, benicar once a day and nifepedine (corgard?) once a day. I was taken off the nifepedine awhile back and after a few months my blood pressure went so high, I almost had a stroke. My scalp and chin started feeling numb and afterwards I had a severe headache like I had never experienced before. Nothing helped it. Finally after 3 days it went away. Needless to say, it scared me to death.

    I am telling you this because my dr. gave me Savella to start taking and try to wean off Lyrica. She said there was a slight chance my blood pressure could go up and to watch it. After some of the things I've just read on here, I'm afraid to take it. Has anybody on here had a history of high blood pressure and been able to take Savella? Would one even want to try it with that kind of history?

    Thank you for any advice you can give me.
  2. phoenixrising2

    phoenixrising2 New Member

    I take labs all the time and the dr. hasn't told me they are low. I must ask, as you know how that goes. I took magnesium when I was going through chemo, but quit when it was over. My oncologist prescribed it then. My regular dr. has said nothing about it. Thank you so much for the advice.
  3. dzlady

    dzlady New Member

    I took it for about 6 months. My blood pressure did go up, but we dont know if it was from the savella. They put me on 80 mg propanolol twice daily and that took it down. Propanolol was prescribed for the migraines and the anxiety attacks I have, but it also worked for the higher bp
  4. springrose22

    springrose22 New Member

    If you even suspect that it might raise your BP, don't take it.
  5. phoenixrising2

    phoenixrising2 New Member

    for your input. I was feeling like I shouldn't take it and springrose22, I think I'll take your advice and not take the chance.

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