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  1. sirfoo

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    Well, my doc gave me the titration pack for Savella, which I will start tonight. If it helps, add another pill to my already burgeoning pharmacy. I rattle when I walk. Also, a replacement painkiller for Darvo (sniff), Lortab...that scares me a bit, so hopefully that's a good thing.
  2. PainSux

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    I thought it was great for pain control. I had to stop it, wean off, because I was vomiting everyday & gagging when I wasn't vomiting. Constipation beyond belief & I never have constipation. I had headaches but have issues w/that anyways. But the n/v was what killed me the most. The pain relief started w/in 48 hours. It was really good for that. I had to titrate up very slowly too bc of the nausea. Some people don't even have side effects so good luck.
  3. spongebobmama

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    I started the titration pack almost 2 wks ago. At first I had nausea for a few days/about 3 hrs a day. I now take Potassium/Magnsium Aspertate 250mg from Vitamin Shoppe. I take it with the Savella AM&PM There are several types of Magnesium, some give you wicked diarrhea. So far ,so good. I had to clear my system of Amytriptyine (which I miss. I took it for pain,huge wt gain however) And my Lexapro,I remember yrs ago trying Maridia and it made me so sick d/t all the seritonin in my system. I was very dizzy,sweaty,and nauseated.Also diarrhea. So I realy wanted this Savella to work. At least I'm not nauseated. Reason I'm on the fence is I really need pain relief and nothing has happened for me yet. How long do I have to wait for any results? I will be seeing my Doc in a few weeks to see if I want to continue. Spongebob mama
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    I started mine Friday. Tomorrow is my first day of 25mg. No side effects so far, but I can feel it is doing something. I hope the larger dose will work longer. The reviews I read say that the 2nd dose at 2pm, which I have done. I don't know if later will keep me up or not. Today I needed another dose by 10:30 after the first at 7:30.

    Let me know how you get on with it.