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    Anyone had good or bad results.. Dr wants me to try it but had horrilbe side effects with cymbalta/ lyrica so not sure I want to go there again but don't like feeling miserable with the pain / fatigue.. I too have chronic lyme...

    tks.. gg
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    My gut says NO .. as I too feel safer with supplements..You know me ,med phobic ,but the doctor is getting upset with me not taking all the drugs he prescribes.. I have tried so many AD's and my body does not tolerate them nor any pain meds have sever reaction to anything containing or related to codien.. But seems the supplements are working anymore, especially for the pain.. Have been slacking with the gluten free diet so going do better..

    Tks.. gg
  3. Hi there, my pain management dr put me on Savellla about a year ago for my FM, I can say for me it has helped at least 30%, I will never get off of it, have not had any side effects, had to get off the lyrica made me sick with to many side effects and it didnt work, I still have FM issues daily, and still have bad flareups, like today, because i overdid it the last 2 days lol, ive also had 2 major back surgeries in the last 5 yrs and have a ton of non reversible damage that is permnamet, on alot of meds for chronic pain, I also take cymbalta, but for depression, If I were you I would try the Savella, from people i have come across that take it they didnt have any side effects and if anything you may be alittle nausea for a couple of days, ive been reading on here and it seems like grape seed extract is recomended, going to get me some tomorrow, if you can get 30-40% relief from the Savella like me I would try it. If you do try it I hope you have great luck with it and no side effects, let me know how you do with it, will say a prayer for you
    Take Care
  4. Hi Jam, have read alot of your entries, I want to try the grape seed extract, how much should i start out with? does it interfeer with perscription meds?,I have to say from reading your entries I wouldnt be scared to try what you reccomend, you seem to help alot of people on here, this is only the 2or3 time i have ever posted on here.
    Thank you
  5. I wanted to share with you one more thing about how the savella has helped me, before starting it my skin hurt and burned so badly I could not even stand anyone to touch me at all, no hugs, touching, nothing, but now i can at least take and give a hug to someone without cringing inside, people that dont have fibro cant understand how your skin hurts so badly that when you say please dont touch me, they think your nuts lol, well most of the time fibro does make you feel like your going crazy!
    good luck!
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    I have been on it for quite awhile. The first 30 days or so my pain was WAY down and my fatigue has been helped IMMEASURABLY. Unfortunately, the pain relief did not last but that was not my big problem, the fatigue was and it has made all the difference for that.

    I have been reading about 5HTP and am going to give that a try. But I too would suggest at least trying it. Whatever side effects I had were minimal and went away eventually.


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