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    I had an interesting experience today. I saw a new doctor for the FMS. A few weeks ago I was at a Fibromyalgia "Wellness" Group and a Chiropractor/Nutritionist spoke to our group. I was fairly impressed, so I made an appt. to see him today. We spoke about my symptoms and how he can help me. He really made me feel better and said getting better is a process that we can work at together. This week I have to write down EVERYTHING I eat - even a stick of gum. Also my symptoms when they appear. I have another appt. next week. I also have to have my Family Doctor fax him my blood test results for my thyroid, liver enzymes and triglycerides. And I won't have to keep coming back - he e-mails his patients and if you have questions you can e-mail him. I'm hoping I'm on the right track because I have been getting pretty discouraged. As I said to someone today, I can almost manage the pain - it's everything else I can't deal with - the fatigue, the fogginess, the weight gain. My insurance won't pay him either, so I have to pay out-of-pocket. I hope it's worth it!