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    i called my, because last night i saw yellow pepples in my stool. she told me to gather some since it was early in the morning, put it into anything i can find, and bring it in, i already took a stool culture for parasites,weeks ago. it came back clear, no parasites. this time she wanted to check for worms,

    my question, why havent she did ALL that when she had checked for the parasites.

    some people was saying yesterday on the board that i might have a gallbladder situation.
    so i decided to go to the emergency with my issue, they took blood work, but my gallbladder is fine according to them

    check this out also, on my blood work, my glucose is low, is that a bad think, since im trying TO RID CANDIDA, i do not put no kind of sweet, or suger of anything in my mouth, its 79 where the range is from 85-115

    im eating, brown rice, spinish, broccoli and ribs tonight.

    can someon tell me what is CHLORIDE, that's a tad bit high, how can i lower that. thanks for reading and responding to my post, have a blessed night.

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