Saw John Corbett of Northern Exposure in small concert

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    Hi, all

    If any of you remember the show Northern Exposure, and the character Chris the Deejay, then you might be interested to know that he has turned most of his 48 year old energies to country/rock music.

    (He also is famous for playing opposite Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City, unseen by me, and for the leading man roles in the movies My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Raising Helen. He said his next movie was going to be with Charlize Theron-- didn't say the name of it.)

    I saw his band play last night at a country western bar, which is usually not my scene. I have CFS/FM and can't really drink, tolerate smoke, nor eat Happy Hour style food ("Cheerful food" as my husband calls it-- you know, the things that aren't really that great for us but make us feel festive or comforted...)

    Anyway, I learned at the last minute that he was going to perform, and here's why I went.

    When I was just out of college, I was visiting my SIL, who was going to school in So. California. I had never been there before, so she took me to all the usual tourist spots, including the Hard Rock Cafe.

    So, we're waiting outside to get in, with the rest of the peons, and up pulls this dark red limo, and out steps a guy in his jeans, army jacket and cowboy boots, with another guy friend. (Now that I think about it, it probably was his lead guitarist in the band-- they met in L.A.)

    Anyway, after I was inside, my other friends confirmed that yes, it WAS in fact, Chris the Deejay from N.Exp. I hadn't just hallucinated my fave character into appearing just because I was in the land of actors. He should have been up in the Seattle area for filming the show, but no, there he was, on the very night *I* was in town. He came just for me, right?

    Wrong. At least, I blew it. I am so shy that I didn't approach him at his table. I kept saying, "Oh, I'm sure he doesn't want to be bothered while he's trying to have dinner."

    Big DUH!

    Why ELSE would he have gone to the Hard Rock Cafe of all places, in a LIMO, if he DIDN'T want to be attracting attention?!

    So, all these years later, I have felt bad that he left that night without ONE SINGLE fan coming up to him. I could see his table the whole time. I mean, he was probably so depressed about his career after that, and I could have spared him all that misery! ;)

    Anyway, I was all set to have him autograph my old Northern Exposure compilation CD, that has his picture on the front. One of the songs on it is the classic Etta James singing "At Last".

    I was going to have him write that to me on the inside cover next to another picture of him. It's not so much the actor I like, as it was the character he played. I want to BE Chris the Deejay. Sigh.

    Anyway, the doors opened at six for the tickets, but the show didn't start until 8:30. I had a girlfriend with me, so it was nice to catch up with her and I did imbibe a litte and had some cheerful chips-n-salsa while we waited.

    His band was VERY good. He should not quit his dayjob as an actor, but he was just fine as a rock star. His lead guitarist used to play for the Stray Cats, and he should be a star in his own right.

    I have never seen anyone rip up a guitar like the way he did (in a good way-- not like bashing it around on stage)-- with actual talent. Not just riff after riff with grandstanding, but real muscial improvisation.

    So, it was a really good show, and all of the proceeds go to the hosting city's local charities... so what a great guy John is.

    But! Alas! It was their last performance of the year, and they will not be playing together again for another year. So they decided to just keep playing as long as they could.

    I was almost under the table, delerious with fatigue and having my ears blasted and my central nervous system shredded with pain. It was fun, but I knew I was going to pay dearly, because I already was putting down the deposit on a nice long flare.

    My friend had to leave, so I stayed as long as I thought I could and then safely drive home sober and not fibro-fogged out of my mind. So, again, I DID NOT get the autograph. But after ten-thirty, I knew I had to trundle on home, before it was even over.

    So, I guess I will write him and explain my plight. I hope he turns out to be as cool as he seems and I will be able to report that I have a signed Northern Exposure CD that reads:

    You and Me-- At Last.
    John Corbett

    Sigh. Chris the Deejay. Reading poetry over the air and then playing some opera or jazz or whatever seems to fit the day, and then sending out an encouraging note for all who listen. My idol.
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    He is probably one of the 10 best looking guys, in my opinion! I didn't know he had a musical side but I know he has been a companion to Bo Derek for awhile. What a Hollywood couple! But he seems so cool in interviews and stuff.

    What was the name of his band? Do they have a CD out? Why the year hiatus - a new movie?

    I LOVED LOVED LOVED Norther Exposure, never missed an episode! Now I'm looking for the series on DVD...

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    Ahhh, Chris the deejay. Loved the show (Northern Exposure,) loved the character, and love the guy! I would have to put him in my top 3 along with Keanu and Colin Ferrell, (the Scottish actor, not the comic Will Ferrell.) Chris Stevens was such an amazing and ultra cool character. Man, I miss that show. I think I will put it on my netflix list.

    I am very envious you got to see this godlike creature in person, twice even! I would have been like you....way tooo shy to approach him and forever regretting it. Verbal contact or not, at least you got the great experience of being there for the show and seeing him up close.

    You may be simply destined to be Chris' spiritual doppelganger, soulmates never to meet. Or maybe next time you should embrace the moment or at least write the letter.

    To quote Chris himself, as he reads from The Tempest":

    "Be open to your dreams people. Embrace that distant shore. Cause our mortal journey is over all too soon. "Those cloud-capped towers, the gorgeous palaces, the solemn temples. The great globe itself. Yea all which you inherit shall dissolve and like this insubstantial pageant faded. Leave not a rack behind. We are such stuff as dreams are made on and our little life is rounded with asleep."
  4. desertlass

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    How ironic to read your quote at the end.

    I actually had this quote from him on a bookmark with his photo on it given to me by my mom in 1995. I had taken it with me to the concert to have him sign that, too!

    I have a feeling that he will be back to Tucson to perform in the future. He and the band really seemed to like it here.

    I didn't realize but his album made it halfway up the Country chart in its first week of air play, and I think that might be a first for an independent label.

    I guess it doesn't hurt to be a famous tv/movie star before one jumps to the music scene.

    He has a website for his music stuff if you all want to look it up.

    Sigh. Chris. I miss him. Time to Netflix him for sure.

    If you like Keanu, he showed up on my Road Trip thread. He sure has strange tastes in Christmas decor. ;) He IS mighty fine in his form, I have to agree.


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