Saw my 1000.00 doctor today...WHAT A SHOCKER.!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by street129, Sep 2, 2009.

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    WHAT A GREAT MAN HE IS, AFTER COMPLAINING TO HIM HOW i only have 250.00 for my second visit for my result of my heilderberg test, [that is where he put a machine on your stomach for about 1 hour, and it read if your stomach is producing enough acid,] well, my stomach acid was low, and he gave me two of his in herbs, which was 35.00 and 38.00, this nice man went out to his receptionist and told her, NOT TO CHARGE ME FOR THE 250.00 VISIT, all i have to do was pay for the two pills, and the other two pills that he had me on before, because, i was down to a few..............

    i love this man, he dresses in geans and dress shirt, which hangs off of him, he dresses real tackly, very poorly, you would not think for one second he has money, i was told at one time, wealthy people dresses like that, my brother in law that own many building dresses like that so noone will assume he has anything. i got exactly what the dr, was protraying........ha.

    his name is dr ash, this is his center, im not plugging anything, because, he's white , im black. im just happy he was and is a sweet man, ...thinking aloud, wonder if he's married, heres his web site...... and here's a pic of him

    this is his story, he was also sick of doctors, cant helping him. that's how his businss started, i read
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  2. DemonFairy

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    I'm glad that your doctor is really trying to help and not trying to suck ever penny from your pocket. My doctor, too, has let me slide on certain things (not charging for filling out my disability paperwork, every so often letting me miss an appt. but letting me still have my prescriptions because I couldn't afford both, not charging me for the drug test because I couldn't afford just one more thing, etc.), and I'm really grateful for that. I do hope that your new med regimen is helping you out, considering that it's pretty expensive to buy all those supplements.
  3. sascha

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    about a doctor just plain helping and not fixated on the money.

    Dr. Montoya has been that way with me (i was tested at Stanford; didn't qualify for his anti-viral research study, but he helped me anyway- for no money). it gives us a great boost when we get a doctor who is caring and seems to want to help us along- GREAT.

    BTW how are you getting along these days? is your health improving?? best, Sascha

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