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    I Went to my dr. in brooklyn, today with a plan and i carried that plan out as well as i expected it too, i was a bit put off by the way he ignored some of my blood work that i needed him to take, he did not touch HHV6A, OR THE HHV6B, maybe he don't know what they and refused to asked me, heg, i dont know what they are myself. he didnt take the cytomegalo test even thou i dont know what that is.

    everything else to my understanding from the quest diagnostic tech, was taken,the ebv, cmv, sed rate, and nanobacterium, the tech claims that the hpv test cannot be taken at quest diagnositic, go figure,

    i took that test in my pcp office before, i'll asked her to run it again.

    the dr. is a happy pill popper, he was ready to gave me any pill i requestd, i love him for that because my pcp dr. she gaves me NOTHING when it comes for sleep medication, i got a script for anixiety and a script for insommia. couldnt fill both today.

    i talk to him about the NALTREXONE, HE WAS TOO excited to prescript it for me, he knows the people at the compound here in new york that fixed the haltrexone, 'WHAT A DAY I HAD. he know all about it, and actually pick up the phone and call the compound company here in new york, and put in my script, what a doll, he might not be a 'REAL' chronic fatigue doctor, but at least there is somethings about him that i can see that he has knowledge of the illness, he's a keeper.

    the only thing about this is, i live in manhattan and his office is in brooklyn, but that is ok with me. Now im waiting for my blood test result. dont feel like riding out there on the train no time soon, maybe late november

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    Bless your heart. It is so hard to try to figure this stuff out and be sick at the same time.

    I have not tried the naltrexone (I think that is what you meant by Haltrexone). The doc that discovered it lived in NYC and so that is probably why your doc (though Brooklyn) had heard of it.

    It seems to help some people, I sure hope it does you.

    I agree some docs don't want to test for things they don't understand...oddly enough by doc doesn't mind testing whether he knows about it or not. He never suggests anything to do though.

    Ask for a copy of your blood test to be mailed to you, if you can. It sometimes helps to compare them as time goes by.

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    i will get a copy and try to have it mail, but that man might want me to come in to talk bout what he found.if i have other viruses, i want things to keep and put them in check, i was very reckless with my chronic fatigue over the years, once i startd taking kutterpressen and glamma globom, i was doing so good i was enjoying life, about 79-80 percent better, back in 1996-97 when i started doing good, i wasnt taking anything to prevent reacurrance, now i have learn my leassen and hope to get back out in the crowd, i would accept about 79 percent at this rate, after i got the bug again this year, i havent been feeling good since march 09. im about 45 percent now only.
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