Saw my neurosurgeon today and a little miffed at him. Three

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    weeks ago when I saw him and got the results of the myelogram, that is when he made a diagnosis of the fibromyalgia. I was upset and we ended up talking more about the fibro than the myelogram results. I did remember him mentioning that it showed a problem with my right shoulder and a disc that was bulged. I asked him today about it, my exact words were, so what is the deal about what the myelogram showing a problem with my right shoulder. He shook his head no at me and said to forget it and don't worry about it. I said well wait a minute, tell me what you are talking about. He said again, forget about it and try not to worry about it. He then asked me if I was having any pain in my right shoulder and I told him yes but had pretty much blamed it on the fibro. Three weeks ago when I saw him, he had mentioned a nerve root problem. I asked him if he still felt this was true or maybe some neuropothy going on. He again told me to forget about it. I got kinda p.o. at him for being so vague and I asked him if it was that and he said well it is more than that. I then told him, I didn't appreciate how vague he was being with me and I asked him again, what the F**** is it. He then said right now you are not having any symptoms and I think if I were to tell you (tell me) what it is, it would upset you and you would start to have symptoms. Huh?? He would not release me from his care, said he was not comfortable releasing me. I asked him about starting back to work and before he could answer I told him I worked a half-day yesterday. He asked me if I had any pain with working yesterday and I told him no. He said okay, that I could go back to work part-time but if I were to start hurting to stop working immediately. I just don't get what is going on and why he is being this way. I had thought the world of him and was very pleased with his care. He is a very busy neurosurgeon and it is not easy to get in to see him so I guess that means he is doing a lot of good for people if he is that busy. I don't know what to make of this. He wants to see me again in 2 weeks. He didn't order any new x-rays today which kinda surprised me, I haven't had any new x-rays for about 5 weeks to check the bone graft or the placement of the instrumentation. When I had the myelogram, I remember him mentioning that the dye went up into my neck and just stopped at a certain level and from what I know about it, that indicates a problem. Anyone got any ideas??
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    I don't know what I would do if I were in your situation. I can understand how frustrated you must be right now. I think that you have a right to know what is going on with your own body! Its not right to with hold that kind of information from you and I don't even think that its legal to be honest with you (don't know for sure but it seems like it would not be). I just feel so bad for you right now because I can understand how it must feel not knowing what is going on. I hope that you find some answers and best wishes to you!

    Next visit demand to know the results or get another neuro doc and make him forward your records.
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    stand for that. I totally agree with jeanderek. If you don't feel comfortable calling him on the phone (if he's *that* busy, he may not even return your call), then at your next visit you should INSIST he explain EVERYthing to you. Ask for a copy of your medical records. It's YOUR body, he owes you an explanation. Besides that, you don't even know if it's something that you could unintentionally aggravate or make worse that could be more harmful to you. IMO, that is totally unethical of this doc.

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    Hey, Karen, what timing you have. I just posted a message on this board about how my primary doc treated me the other day. I don't think she even "believes" in fibro, but I'm so upset with her I can't see straight. She was the only that knew I'd been to the ER's about 10 times since the eye infection, etc. Keep your chin up. Maybe someone will have more suggestions for us.