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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by neoplus1, Aug 2, 2012.

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    I saw a Rheumatologist for the first time today. So he is doing some blood work. If everything comes back normal, he is thinking that I have fibro, but not CFS which I disagree with. I fit the criteria very well and likely have both if nothing else. He also suggested I talk to my primary and get a sleep study done. He says sleep studies are often overlooked in these situations and should be done.

    He does not appear to know much about CFS and Fibro, HOWEVER, is extremely friendly and open. I told him how I tried antibiotics before and they helped and instead of rolling his eyes or blaming it on placebo effect, he looked at me with interest and said, "antibiotics may have other effects besides just fighting infection." He is also the type that takes things very seriously when a patient has genuine concerns about something. He seems open to suggestions as well. So I'm feeling a bit optimistic.
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    Congratulations! I think you have found a keeper. Just having a doctor who is open, curious and respectful is a big lead. That sort of doctor will look at information you bring on CFS as you explain why you think you may have both.

    A recent study just came out showing that antibiotics treat irritable bowel syndrome. He is probably aware of that.

    Since you do not want to overload a doctor with too much information at once, might I suggest that you check out which is a website put up by one of the leading CFS, FM specialists in the field for patients? Also The CFIDS Association of America has some short things you can print out and bring to him on CFS. It would be a good idea for you to get the list of symptoms and check off all the ones you have or are currently experiencing.

    So happy for you! Yay!
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    Most antibiotics are also anti-inflammatory. Fibromyalgia and ME are both inflammatory conditions.

    In about 50% of cases of FM the cause is the ME. The other 50% probably have various spinal problems. It is very difficult to separate them. If you have any spinal stenosis you should have these problems fixed if you can because they are a major source of pain in ME as well as "primary FM".
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    I found in the past to trust my inner feelings about doctors, intuition is usually on the mark. If your feeling this is a good doctor that you can trust, I'd say go with it! and count your blessings...: )

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