Saw my rheumy yesterday, I'm through

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lv2sing, Jun 22, 2006.

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    I have been having weird symptoms for over a month. I'm assuming it's a flare, but I think it's from the sjogrens. I'm burning hot all the time, & the fatigue is awful. To the point where I feel like I cannot function. Going to the grocery store for 3 hrs is just awful (we shop for 2 weeks at a time). I don't sleep well anyway, & I've had memory loss. This jerk cuts me off mid sentence, I always know nothing, because I am not the one w/ a degree. He knows everything. He's just rude & arrogant. I have several books on Sjogrens, along with the research I do online, & all of them say that it causes the sweat glands to malfunction, so your body cannot regulate it's temp. correctly. (This was in the actual book from the Sjogrens foundation).So I told him this. Well, he says it's not true, that it's probably from the asthma (baloney), & that sjogrens is usually more systemic only. And then makes the comment that he'll have to go back & read his books, because thats a new one to him!! And I have been covered in dark spots that look like bruises, that aren't. I brought in a picture just so he could atleast see what I've been dealing with, (they were all gone when I went in, of course) & he's like, "what am I suppossed to tell from this? It's a bruise as far as I can see". I insisted it wasn't, I hadn't done anything to geta bruise. I'm on tons of meds, which most come from him, & he says, well, go see a dermatologist next time! UUUrrrrr!!! Then to top it off, he wants me to get a Brain MRI because I've had memory loss. (which I'm not)Gee, haven't we all with fibro.....when you can't sleep for 3 days in a row, your gonna have trouble remembering things! Plus it's an actual symptom of fibro! I have very few people I can go to because my husbands insurance switched, & there's very few thats in-network. Plus I've never heard of any of them, which isn't good. Usually if someone is good where I live, everyone has heard of them. Then to top it off, our dog bit someone riding by on a bike (not bad). The minute she was off the bike, he ran away). I scolded him, & locked him in the laundry room. I went out to make sure she was OK (this turned out to be someone I've walked with before, a little old lady, I can't remember her name though, & I don't know where she lives). There have been times she saw me out walking my dog, & she would walk w/ us & talk. I cleaned her up w/ soap & water & put a band-aid on her. It barely bled, & all she really had was a bruise. 2hours later, the animal control shows up to tell me that he has to be quarantined for 10 days by state law at the vets office or the shelter. I was crying & saying he wasn't going to the shelter because they treat their animals awful there, plus he would be out in 100 degree heat w/ no shade. (He stays in the laundry room during the daytime when it's really hot, he just doesn't tolerate heat well). This had happened at 7am, when he was out. I don't think it was the lady that called, I think it was someone driving by that witnessed it, or a family member of hers did it. I can understand them being upset, but she wasn't even mad. She was laughing about it, & I was very apologetic. So.. I guess now we have to get the wireless fence system before he gets back home in 9 days. I hope it works. He's Australian Shepherd, so he likes to protect his territory (as far as bikes & cars going by(. Someone can pull up in the drive that he doesn't even know, & he'll bark once, then wait to be petted. He doesn't care who it is. He just does not like bikes. We adopted him at 1 yr of age, so I don't know if someone on a bike maybe abused him or not...Everyone is telling us to get rid of him, that he needs to "work", & he has nothing to herd here, even though we are in the country. But were attached now. It was just a really bad day..I cryed all day long, then had an awful headache. I was suppossed to go to VBS, but skipped out. The stress was just too high, then with no sleep on top of it, it just multiplies the pain. Thanks for letting me vent everyone. Any suggestions (as far as the doctor & the dog? Hope everyone elses week has been better! Hugs to everybody
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    I haven't been on the message boards lately. But, ran across your post. I looked at your bio and I live in the midwest too (IL) and love bead work and music also.

    First of all I sure hope you can find a good doctor soon. I too have a rhuemy I go to because of my husbands insurance and he is real sarcastic everytime I ask a question. Seems he just wants me to come in every two months, and keep my mouth shut. It is just a shame that these kinds of people get into a field like this and have no human compasion. I have left his office many of times feeling much worse than when I went in. He is ok about my meds but doesn't want to be bothered with anything else and really doesn't do much else at all.

    I am sorry I don't know what to tell you about your dog. As a dog lover I feel for you. That must be so hard to have him away from home. Can you go to see him? We live in the country so I'm not sure what the laws are about quarantine etc.

    Hang in there and unfortunately we hear way too much of rude insensitive doctors!

    Take Care, Lil
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    I am simply "amazed" at how common the stories are on this board about the hurtful attitudes of so many doctors to their patients.

    The same type of stories have been reported on here in the hundreds!

    I also have a PC and Rhuemy that treat me this way. Don't want to see me for 2 months. Say the only thing they are sure of is I have emotional problems.

    Now, in my 50+ years I have never seen doctors as much as I have in the last 6 months becuase I have all the symptoms you are describing on these boards. This all started with me after taking a 6 or 7 day course of the powerful antibiotic Levequin. Of course my doctors dismiss my theory so condescendingly and in an irritated tone. My PC syas it couldn't be the Levaquin that did this but I wouldn't be able to understand the reasons why , so he wouldn't explain this to me.

    This board is a shocking testament to the condescending, egotistiacl and almost criminal way that they treat their patients who have pain and weakness like this. I can't believe this hasn't made 60 mintues or some other national expose TV show. It seems to be so's a tragedy. We treat our doctors like gods in this country. And we shouldn't.

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