...saw neuro yesterday...update and some rant/venting

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    input wanted please.
    Hello...I haven't been here in awhile, stupid computer...have missed seeing how everyone is doing. Hope you are all well...

    I went to see my fibro doc yesterday and got even more disappointed in him...I really thought he was the one and while he is helping some I just don't think he is as great as I thought he was anymore. I went in with a list of questions like did any of my meds come in higer doses so I could get that and split the pills as like most of us money is tight and most of my medsa are name brand only, no luck on that.

    I also asked him to up my ultracet (i get 2 a day) I explained that it really does help but that the 2 only last a few hours then I am hurting really bad again. I also mentioned that I thought it was helping with my anxiety as I had a panic attck a week or so ago and my back/hips were hitting a "10" I took both of my daily alotment at the same time and within just a little bit I was calming down and my pain was better. No luck there either 2 is all he will give me. Later in the day the office called and said he had called me in some lexapro (said he forgot while I was there)

    He gave me my shots in my shoulders and showed me some more exercises to do.
    I tried to tell him that the shoulders were not so bad at the moment and I really needed him to start working on my back and hips...he said we will...later...why is he working on something I don't need so much help on and forgetting the thing that needs the most work?

    I then asked him about physical therapy and maybe a TENS unit. He said PT? that is a good idea...ya think? why was I the one to come up with the idea? I really only wanted it in hopes of getting a message. As for the TENS he said he only does that "when all eles fails"

    So needless to say I was disappointed.

    Well today I had my appt with the Neuro I use to work for. When he walked in the room he was shocked stating that he would not have recognized me...I told him about all that had been going on and he was very empathetic. I told him every thing leaving the fibro diagnosis til last, and said that I was afraid of saying it as I knew how most docs/people look at fibro. He said oh I havent' even touched you yet but sounds right to me. He checked me out and confirmed. He gave me some shots in my back and hips and said that my muscles were so tight he could hardly get the needle in. He said that he would work with me and do whatever I needed him to do to take up my fibro docs slack saying since the other doc was a "specialist" I should at least for now keep seeing him. But that I could call him anytime I needed anything...samples, more/dif meds or shots.

    He also encouraged me to start the cymbalta? which I had been hesitant about...I know this doc really well and trust him so I agreed to try it. He also gave me some ultram 4 a day in addition to my ultracet.

    He promised he would help get me better and I feel confident he will. I would love to go back and work for him he is a really great doc both to his patients and his staff.

    I saw another post about the ultracet and lexapro...funny that the fibro doc gave called me in the lexapro today and never mentioned an interaction with the utracet...walgreens told me and said it had a very high risk of seizures when taken together. I told them to keep it I am gonna try the cmybalta first as right now I am not willing to give up the ultracet and I wouldn't take them together as we think I have had a few seizures in the past anyway.

    I have had 2 of the ultams today and have not gotten as much relife as I do from the ultracet but I am pretty sore from the shots so I am gonna give it a few days.

    So...what do you think?
    have any of you taken the ultram and cets? which worked better?

    as for the cymbalta neuro said biggest side effect was nausea. Have any of you had this? He also said if it made me sleepy take at bedtime or if it hyped me take during the day. Which has been your expericne? I think I'll wait until I am off next week to see which it will do.

    And I can't get over the fibro doc...I just dont' know what to think. and then there is the lexapro/ultracet thing...I mean he should know about that

    Sorry this is so long...thanks for any input you can offer

    lOve and hugs
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    I havent experienced these meds but just want to say I'm glad you have a neuro who understands and is going to help you. We're all at the mercy of consultants and doctors and it's awful when they cant even get it right.

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    Great to hear about your Neuro doc. Now that' what you need on your side...a doc that knows and believes you. I hope after the pain of the shots decreases, the pain meds will help more.

    I think you sound encourages and I think that is wonderful.

    Keep us informed. So happy to hear some positive news.

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    I have taken both ultracet and ultram. The ultram helps me more. ULtracet is ultram plus tylenol, but my doctor said you get a larger dose of ultram (generic tramadol) and perhaps thats why the ultram helped me better.

    I was allowed to take one or two ultracet every 6 hours.
    I can take one or two ultram every 4 to six hours. So if the pain is bad I can take two every 4 hours. You can also take tylenol with the ultram to boost it.

    I took the cymbalta. It did help with the pain, as my morning stiffness went away for the most part. My overall pain level decreased and the pins and needles sensation went away. I took 30 mg. once a day. I took it at night.

    I am not taking the cymbalta now because of some other health problems. If/when those are resolved I would take it again because it really helped me.

    I have had both physical therapy and have a tens unit. Twice I have been where I couldn't turn my neck to the right. Both times the physical therapist was a great help.

    The physical therapist has also worked on my lower back, hips an shoulders. He has used electrical stimulation, ultrasound, massage. He also showed me stretching and strengthening exercises.

    I have fibro, degenerative discs, degenerative facets, arthritis spurs, a vertebrae out of alighnment, ibs, gerd, esophogeal spasms, tmj,and sleep apnea. The list is getting rediculously long.

    The tens unit helps me. The one I use came from Rehabilicare, they call me once a month to ask what supplies I need. My insurance paid for the tens unit and pays for the electrodes, lead wires, and batteries for the unit. The tens unit also has an adapter so you can plug it into the wall.

    What kind of doctor is your fibro specialist?

    I go to a physical medicine specialist, and he has been great.
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    Thanks so much for your input...
    Some ranting/venting...sorry
    I have had such a crappy day! I so often feel like such a failure as a mommy. I took DevinLee out today b/c we both need shoes really bad. I know he is in that "terrible two" stage and I try so hard not to get frustrated/mad with him but sometimes I just seem to lose my mind. When we are out in stores he dosent want to be in buggies anymore and will fight me tooth and nail, kicking and screaming or running away from me...I just don't know what to do...it hurts me so bad to try to hold him while he is kicking or to try to keep him in a buggie. I was hurting so bad when I got home I took my skelaxin and ultracet and we took a nap. Thankfully DevinLee slept until Jody got home from work so I was able to stay in bed...truthfully I am hoping that is the case as I don't remembeer even hearing Jody come home much less if DevinLee woke up, I had the monitor on but I was so out of it...Jody didn't say if he was awake when he got home so I am just assuming that is the case. Jody didn't wake me up until 930 and I have to leave for work by 10...so that made me ill cause I hate being late...as I was rushing through my shower I realized I forgot to pay the power bill (stupid ass fog) and had to get out before I could finish to call and pay it as it was supposed to be payed by 5 today or they are gonna cut off at 6am...all I can say is thank God for pay by phone!

    I am soooo sore from the shots in my back but it is more superficial as I feel some better in the deep bone/nerve pain I was having. It is funny though each time I get a shot or something and I feel better in that spot I realize how bad somewhere eles is hurting and my knees are killing me...damned if I do, damned if I don't

    I forgot to bring my ultram to work so I can't say yet if it is gonna work for me...work is where I need to test it.

    My doc said insuranc wouldnt pay for the TENS at all...need to call them and see.

    PT called today...my insurace wont pay for the water therapy he ordered but it will pay for the regular pt and message (which they call phycial manupilation?) but I have a 35$ co pay per visit...don't know if I'll be able to do it as my meds are over 200$/month and I am struggling to pay bills as it is...hence the late power bill with cut off date.

    I'm gonna wait until I am off to start the cymbalta...can't risk being anymore sleep at work and I am already having something? going on with my appite...I have always been such a big eater. Jody has mentioned that I have not been eating much lately. I noticed it too and it seemed to start when I started the juice plus vitamins. I get hungry but just don't have a taste or want for anything. I have only had ceral today so I stopped on the way to work and got my usuall spicy chicken sandwhich/fries/chili from wendy's and ate less than 1/4 of my sandwich and chili and none of my fries...would be nice if I would loss some weigth if I'm not gonna have an appitie but so far I've actually gained about 4lbs.

    Thanks again...and sorry about the rant/vent I just get so upset sometimes...I hate feeling like a failure...I hate feeling like a bad mommy (and wife)...I want to be better so I can enjoy and Love my son the way he desirves and crazy me wants more children...go figure. I just have always dreamed of like 10 kids, I know that will never happen but I would like to have at least one more...gotta get better first

    Love and hugs

    more ranting!!!!!!!! my dang computer crashed last nite. I finally got it working ****cross fingers**** Someone/something has it out for me these days!! Anyone here use Mozilla Firefox browser? Did it crash your puter last nite? I love this browser over IE but I have been having so many problems with my computer lately, hence my absense fromthe board this past week...wondering if it is just me?

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