Saw New Doc Today RE: Peptide Injections

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Mikie, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. Mikie

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    I see him Wed. morning and I'll post on this thread when I get home. Thanks for your prayers. As you know, I'm keeping you in mine.

    Love, Mikie
  2. deepak

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    Hi JKPTA ,

    Are you around ?

    I was reading the peptide posts here and came across yours and then I see you mentioned NAET.

    I am in India and I was thinking of trying that too as I hear good things about this.

    What was your experience with it ? And also did the peptides finally work for you ?

  3. jkpta

    jkpta New Member

    Yes, I'm still around but have not been updating in a very long time.

    I have used the NAET for many years and still get treatments now and then. I very much believe in this technique. It did many good things for me over the years and I would highly recommend that you give it a try.

    The creator, Dr. Devi Nambudripad is from India and she is amazing. A friend of mine who lives in California was going to Dr. Devi for treatments and she asked me if I would like to give it a try. So, I flew out to Calif. and met Dr. Devi and received my first treatment from her. After that I was able to find a chiropractor in my area who was trained to do the NAET.

    Once I cleared the top 10 items on her list, my Rheumatoid Arthritis went into remission for a solid year. It came back and I have been trying everything else in addition to the NAET to cure this horrible disease. I also used it to cure my seasonal allergies and they are almost 100% gone. This was in the year 2000 when I did the bulk of my NAET treatments and the allergies have never returned. I was very thankful for that.

    Let me know if you have any questions about the treatments.

    Thank you for your email.

  4. deepak

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    I am in India :)

    Will ask you more about NAET soon but what about the peptides that you were taking ? Did they help you ? You were taking them for RA ?

  5. jkpta

    jkpta New Member

    Yes, I was taking the peptides for RA. I took 16 injections and only had minimal relief. Each month I felt good for 2weeks following the injection. After that my pain came back and my disease seemed to have progressed. Now it is in areas where I have never had it before. I don't think this is related to the injections. It does seem strange that it takes away so much pain during the 2 weeks after the injection but funny how it returns with more pain than before. I don't understand.

    My Dr. in Florida told me to stop them for 2 or 3 months and see if when I start them again, I may have more relief than before. My last injection was mid April and I am in a lot of pain. I have had to increase my pain medicine which is simply Motrin. I now take 12 a day. While on the injections I can skip a whole week without any Motrin and then increase it to 4 per day and then up to 8 per day by the end of the 3rd week after an injection.

    Without the injections I have been on 12 per day everyday. I wish I had a more positive experience to report. I was really hoping this would be the answers to my prayers. I will keep searching!

    If you don't mind me asking, what condition are you dealing with?

  6. deepak

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    I am sorry they did not work out so well for you. I read somewhere that they also make plasma-specific peptides - did you look into that ?

    I am not sure what I have. Symptoms are like FM ....but maybe spirochete related too as I had raised WBC and esonophila count.....the awareness in India is even lesser than in USA .....

    I had a lot of pain few months back which somehow had become lesser - but now since a week again its come back .....:(

    Planning to show more doctors and hoping to get a diagnosis.

    I am 40 and this has been going on since a year - I hear the shorter one is suffering the greater the chances these peptides may work - so may come to USA to get the first one.

    BTW do you know any doctor in houston who does this - as a cousin stays there ....

  7. jkpta

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    I have not heard of plasma-specific peptides. I'll see if I can find any information about that.

    I hope you get a diagnosis soon. I would try the NAET for sure. If you can just get through the top 10 treatments, you may benefit from them.

    My Doctor in Florida said that the earlier in your disease that you start the peptides, the better they work. Unfortunately for me I had already had my disease for 15 years when I found out about them.

    I do not know of a peptide doctor in Texas. I know there is one in Liberty, MO which is just a little North of Kansas City, Missouri. His name is Dr. James Willoughby - (816) 781-0902 is his office phone number. The last time a friend of mine called his office about the peptides, they said they were having trouble getting them so I'm not sure if he is still doing the injections or not.

    I think the majority of these doctors doing the peptides are in Florida.

    I hope you find someone or something to help you soon!

  8. deepak

    deepak Member

    Thanks :)

    There is someone here in Bombay who does the NAET thing - so you saying just doing that has helped your RA a lot ?

    Its interesting you gave a missouri contact - I have 2 cousins in Usa - one in houston and the other in columbia - missouri ......

    But is it that any of the "peptide doctors" are equally qualified and proficient ? And would they all order the same peptides or does the doctors diagnosis and skill matter a lot ?

    Have you tried LDN ?
  9. jkpta

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    I think that overall the NAET helped me with the RA and I really feel without it I would have been a lot worse years ago. I have very aggressive RA however, with the help of NAET and all the other alternative treatments I've received, I feel that I have kept it under control enough to get by only taking "Motrin."

    Thankfully I have never gone on the dangerous drugs that most Rheumatologist want to prescribe for someone in my position.

    Yes, I have joint damage, but for 16 years of having this disease, I think I've done pretty well. It has just been lately that it seems to be progressing to a point where I feel like I need to find something else to help.

    I've never heard of LDN but I will definitely do some research on that drug. Thank you for informing me of this!

    I think that the Doctors doing the peptides are probably all schooled the same way. I would meet with them and hear what they have to say and then compare it to what we've discussed on this forum.

    As far as the cousin in Columbia, MO, that would only be 2 hrs. from the doctor in Liberty, MO. That would be worth checking into if you do decide to come to the United States.

  10. kat0465

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    Deepak, there's a dr battles in Houston. 713-932-0552. I've never called or tried the shots. Dealing with other Heath issues, but plan on it as soon as

    I clear the other problem up :/ hope this helps ya

  11. deepak

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    Dear Kat,

    Thanks for the info :)

    Hope your other problems get cleared soon !

  12. RitaF

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    i posted on another thread here re. dr. Battle, but that thread got buried, i think. i am interested in more info about him as i have family in houston. info anybody?

    unfortunately when i googled him i got some indication of a problem he had with a board. is that maybe because he is open minded enough to try something alternative-like. sometimes the mainstream gets crabby about that.

    helping each other is sometimes about all we've got. thanks, rita
  13. kat0465

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    Rita I agree, were all we've got a lot of the time.

    Don't know a thing about battles, just got his name from dr dakos. You know those boards don't like drs that think outside the box much :/

    Thank you depak for the good wishes, it all gets a bit overwhelming at times.if I find out anything else about dr battles, I'll post it.

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  15. Mikie

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    I posted under another thread that, unfortunately, Dr. Dakos has died. It's a sad loss for all of us. He was a kind and gently man who truly cared about this treatment.

    Love, Mikie