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    I am so sore tonight that I can't stand it. I went to my new doctor a rehumy as my pain doctor is not on the insurance and so I haev to pay over $1,000 before the insuracne will pay any thing at all and even then it would only be 40%. So I made this appointment for a doctor who is a provider.

    I had one of the most intense exam. He hit every tender point, sore spot,you neame it if it hurt he found it.
    But the first words were "You really need to have both your knee's replaced soon. " I said NO WAY!. I am not ready to have them done. First I don't have the money part of it as at our hospital you have to pay up front the amount that your insurance does not pay for and I don't have that kind of money handy now or in the near future.

    So they will have to wait. HE wants to try a injection in my knee but it is not a steriod. But it has a 25% chance of working and costs about $200 per injection and I need 3 of them. I have to talk to the insuracne about that.

    This was a tough thing for me to do as I really hate to have to go through all the pain problems I have and what meds I am on and how much and how often I take them. So when I asked to have them refilled he asked me who had been filing them and I told him that it was my pain doctor and then I said the reason why I can't see him any more. I left out the part of the legal issuress he has , since I named him I am sure that this new doctor knows all about it as it has been in the papers .

    I am thrilled that I only have to see him every few months and that I can go to his office and pick up my scripts in 28 days.

    I was told that I have to call when it has been about a month and they will make sure that the scripts are at the front desk and then I will have to sign for them. I don't mind that.
    He gave me a weeks worth of cymbalta to try and see how it works for me.
    There is more but I am hurting so much that I am going to go to bed now.

    I will tell you the rest later on.
    Thanks for letting me vent about this exam as I cried through out it first because of the pain when he hit each tender spot and points.

    And then becasue I had to ask him to refill my pain meds. I don't like doing that. Starting over adn having to tell someone all about you and all the pain your in and why.

    Then add the pain meds your taking and what they are as well as what stregnth you take. It is not the most pleasant thing to do. AS all doctors seem to have that shocked look at first when they hear that your on a strong pain medication. I just hate having to do that and repeat my self agian to another doctor.
    Well I will write later on about this new doctor.
    Thanks for letting me whine and vent.

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