Saw one of the American Idol finalists Sat. night

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by PepperGirl52, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. PepperGirl52

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    Went to a birthday party-which is something I rarely do. Especially since it was WAY across town-almost an hour drive. But it was for the drummer in our worship team, and his wife (who is our song leader) and MIL were giving it for his 40th.

    Anyway, they had a live band there, and the lead singer was a young lady who had been one of the 24 American Idol Finalists!! She had made it to Hollywood. I had seen her on TV a few times during a few of the Idol scenes, and of course, our local stations had shown her, too, since she was from Tucson.

    She was really sweet, gorgeous looks and body, of course. And her voice was like velvet! She came around and introduced herself to everyone. It was just SO cool!!

    Anyway, wanted to let you know that we really CAN let go and have a little fun, even if we pay for it later, which I did. As the theory goes, you give a few spoons here and a few there, and when they're gone, well, we all know what happens........

    Hope you are all having a wonderful week!! We're hitting 94 this week! YEAH! Time to fill up the pool!!! PG
  2. LollieBoo

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    Who was it you saw? What fun- I'm glad you went! I'm way north and we're excited to have upper-60's right now!!

    I have been using every last one of my 'spoons' whenever I can... but yeah, I pay, too! It's hard when you have spent your life as an active person, just holing up and accepting your shortage of spoons!

    God Bless and enjoy your weather!
  3. PepperGirl52

    PepperGirl52 New Member

    But her first name was Christie, or something like that.

    She is a lovely black girl with short, curly hair. Very pretty girl!!

    Yep, we really didn't get a winter here at all. It hasn't hit below the 70's many times at all this season, or even many times in the winter. I can't imagine what our summer will be like!! UGH!! PG

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