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    I had my appointment with the Physical Therapist today for the pain in my neck and back. She had me fill out a pain questionnaire, and then asked me how long I've had it, what makes it worse, what makes it better, any illnesses or surgeries I've recently had. She also asked if I'd had any blood tests, MRI's, or x-rays. I said no. I never had an MRI or x-ray relating to the fibromyalgia, and haven't had blood tests in a long while. I asked her if she thought I would need an MRI and why, and she said that depending on what she found, it could be a possibility. But she didn't say anything about it later on, so maybe I won't need one. She tested my reflexes and then examined my neck. She told me a few things. One was about my job. I'm a secretary and she told me how I should be sitting, how my work-station should be set up (the keyboard and the monitor), how often I should get up and walk around. She also said that since I've recently had a hysterectomy, the pain I have, which is also around my waistline, could be from the physical act of being cut open, having organs moved around, etc. She's not 100% sure, but that could be part of the cause of the pain. I asked her about costochondritis (sp?) and she said she's also not sure if I have an inflammation, that my doctor would know that. She showed me some exercises to do, and after each one asked if it helped the pain. She also gave me pictures of the exercises to do at home a few times a day. I have another appointment next week and one a few days after that. The therapist knows and understands fibromyalgia, and was very respectful of me and my problems. I'm very glad I decided to go for physical therapy and now I'm not as depressed as I was about the pain. I just thought you all would like to know that I had a good experience today!

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    I'm so happy to hear about your good visit.