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    Hi everyone I hope this has been a great day for everyone,lots of sunshine here makes me feel happy in this depressing time with this DD.I went for my first vist today with a Psychologist my mother set up the appt.for me ,she felt like I needed someone too talk to and yes she was right(moms know best)lol.Yes I'm depressed,but he told me something that I have not even thought about or seen a post about it.I'm going though a grieving period,That i'm working on excepting this DD(because I have to realizing my limitation now)that I grieve for my old self.That makes so much sense too me.The way I feel, wish for the good times again-being able to go places and not think about tommorrow.How I wish for yesterday.I hope this makes sense too everyone......gentle HUGS and a pain free TOMMORROW...Donna

    P.S.Are there anyone eles feels like this?

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    I really understand what you mean about going throught the greiving period. I won't tell you how long it has been for me but it has been a very long time. It is hard to beleive there was a time that Ihad a job, lunch dates with co-workers, shoping at lunch, going to the health club before work, so many things in my life. Now it is a good day if I can do a few things around the house. Greiving is a good way of explaining it. I reallllllllly undestand! I still wake up each morning hoping this will be the day that it will be gone- maybe I just need to take a reality check. I am glad you have found someone to talk to.
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    Yes I think we do go through a grieving period for who we once were and what we were able to do. It is very difficult to accept that you now have limitations and I think because we look well we are expected to continue as we always have done. I also think we hide our feelings and pain from most people because they just don't understand. I have accepted that I have limitations and have learnt to say "no" if I am unable to do things. If people don't understand I don't let it upset me but try to explain that just because I may look fine I don't always feel well. The important thing is to make time for what you really want to do and enjoy yourself too. Luv Mellow
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    Thanks LindaW and Mellow for your response.This is such a great board you guys are allsome(sp)...Donna