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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pookieruth, Oct 5, 2006.

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    OMG - She might be in her late twenties - if that!! She could be my daughter!! I fine if very hard to really talk to someone that young. She is very good though. Except she would not give me much in the way of meds -said I would get "addicted". I told her she couldn't feel my pain, and if she monitored me, I was n't concerned with that. She reluctantly gave me a very limited supply of ultram, and flexoril. Her biggest thing is to treat it with physical therapy -aqua therapy and the TENS unit. I'll give it a try.

    Goodnight all,
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    What meds. were you on prior to seeing the new doctor? Have you ever been on meds. that helped? I hope it works out for you. On one of the replys to your thread someone said something about lack of oxygen being a cause for pain- there really may be something to thing. For example - I have a minor case of asmtha and when I need my resuce inhalher it seems to help the deep pain in my thighs too. And I seem to feel worse on days when my asthma is out of control.
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    Maybe the doc is starting you out with these things with the hope that it will help. If it doesn't she very well may give you some stronger meds.

    Mine started low, but increased the amount and kinds of pain med as we went along.

    I started with Bextra and ended up with Percocet.

  4. pookieruth

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    I always like to give a thanks to those that respond - it means a lot!

    I believe my fibro was triggered by a major surgery about a year ago. I also have a "pinched nerve" from it that causes constant pain in my left thigh.

    The only meds I have been on if Lyrica and Lunesta, with tylenol three for pain. But this is all fairly new to me, so I don't really know much about the pain med routine.

    Hayley - thanks for the info. You may be right and I have the myofasical too. I'll check it out.


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