Saw the surgen last wed. and it was interestering

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    the patholigist said that it was chronic. So I guess that I have had a bad gallbladder for a long time and in his report it said that it was infected too even more fun for me.

    I have never had a really high BP usually 135/80 and at the hospital before I left it was 118/70 and when I saw the doctor it was 99/70 and the nurse said that was low normal but the doctor never said anything about it. But it still worries me abit.
    I have thought about this and sicne this was a chronic problem and was infected that it may have made my B/P go highter in the past few years. I remember that when I was dxed with fibro my b/p was 120/70 and sometime it did get down in the 99/70 so may be the gallbladder was making it highter.

    I am worried about it and I know that I should not be . Since I saw the doctor and he didn't comment on the lower blood pressure then why should I worry about it. I dispise this stage in healing from illnesses and surgeries becasue you feel tired and yucky and all the time and now you have this added pain and tired and yucky feeling too.

    My upper arms are hurting and they have not doe that before, I wonder if it is from having that blood pressure machine on my arm all night and they changed it when they changed the IV's that blew. So it was just a fun stay in the hospital and I know that I don't take deeper breaths than I should so I have been usuing that thing they sent home with me to expand my lungs and I can get it to 1800-2000 , the first time I could barley get it to 500 but I will get it higher with more practice.

    I just want to be back to normal again and I am worring over nothing. I do that when I am nervous about surgeries adn things have changed like my B/P it is not that low but it is not the normal higher one that I am used to. So I worry about it and the breathing all the time I was at the hos pital I was on 02 because I could not get it to stay up at 90 and I didnnot come home with02 so I must be better or they would have sent me home with home 02. What a worrier I am . And over things that the doctor has not said were to low so why am I so scared that something is still wrong?
    I am so tired of having my arms aching and the wrists acheing too it is like someone has put them in a vise and then push on it.

    OH well I am worring over nothing and I guess I think I should be better like the pamphelt said you will feel better after 1 week and should be able to go to work in3-4 days after surgery. RIGHT! It still hurts to take a deep breath so there is no way I could go back to work if I had a job . I asked the nurse how long I sould fel like I do this way tired and sleepy and I get so tired at the least thing I do. She told me that it would take at leasat a month before I would feel better.

    My daughter wants her dad and I go come with her and her neew hubby to the open house in Jerome Idaho which is a long 4-6 hour dirve and I don't think I could take it riding in a car for that long without having surgery let alone having it. We haev an old suburan and it rides rough and when you hit a bump in the road you feel every one of them but the nurse thought it would be ok to go as long as I got some rest and didn't oover do it.

    I am tired and achey and my knees ache and my arms ache adn I am not me yet and I don't lie feeling like this and it scars me to feel out of control. Before thesurgery I knew why I felt like I had been hit by a maack truck and now i have that Plus and it is more than I can deal with at times adn it scars me. Mabe I am being a baby about this hundrends of people have this and they don't worry like i am and act like a baby.
    So it must be me. So I am going to take the pain meds and go to bed, I keep dozing off and forget when I took the last pain meds so I wait about another hour before I am takeing something for it I think i am waiting too long. I am going to have to write down what time it was when I took the pain pill aso that I will know when I should be taking them and then I would problely feel better than I do now.

    Thanks for listening to me and sorry for being such a boob about things. Rosemarie