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    Not been around much, because I been busy, and spending alot of time with my kids and hubby lately. Trying not to spend that much time on the computer.. Sort of burned out at this time with it.

    The sniper shootings at cars on the highways have picked back up here, had one a mile or so from me the previous week, and its been linked to that.

    My family started the Atkins diet/way of eating a week ago, we have all lost a average of 10-12 lbs so far. Doing great with it. I plan on adding in a exercise routine next week. Got to say, I am feeling better and better with the Fibro. Learning alot about my body in the meantime. Feel blessed that I was guided in the right direction with it all.

    Put looking for a job, and Vocational Rehab on the back burner. Its not what I am supposed to be doing right now, thats what I feel the Lord is saying to me, in prayers and meditaion. Working on myself, and my health right now. And happy about it all. I am OK with it.

    I come by and read here, have you all in my prayers and thoughts. Hope alls well as it can be with you and yours.

    Blessings, Sunshyne
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    Thanks for the reply, that was nice of you.

    Havn't been well physically with health the last few days. Achy and pain all over, sleepy all the time. Just don't feel well.

    The group I am starting at the church, not sure on everything yet.

    Honestly, I havn't been able to make it to church the last couple Sundays due to the weather, or due to not feeling well. I am not so sure I can handle doing it right now. Its been on my mind alot more lately too. Was supposed to start the group this month. I too, feel that the "want" to do it is not longer there. I wish I didn't feel like that, and I feel bad for feeling that way. I need to sort it out in my head and heart.

    I feel like I am getting more away from what was before. With going to Church on a regular basis. With prayer daily. With a discipleship training too. I ended up dropping out, but can join back in and finish it. Its not feeling well most of the time too. And its frustrating me. Its not the same as when I first got baptized. I was so excited. Felt the Lord in my life. I don't feel that anymore.

    Alot of changes too have happened within the church I go to. Like the youth pastor resigned, he moved back to Cali, where he is originally from. So no youth group anymore. My sons miss that. Then a assistant pastor also was let go, said in a letter that he just didn't meet their needs.. something like that. Then some things going on within the church that I don't feel comfortable with.

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    Hang in there !!!! The Lord is always here for us !!!!

    The faces may change... & we may have to change "churches"... Bottom line... listen to what our Lord has to say....... He doesn't have His hand out... other than to help us !!!

    Blessings , billcamo.