saying hi to starts monday for me

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    i get to be a student again.....but we will see where this will land me...first option, is dental hygiene, next is radiology tech, next is sonographer and finally mri tech...

    trying to find a half way decent paying job that i may be able to do until i need to retire...and build up my ssdi and save some money...

    i do have my appt to get my section 8 voucher on wednesday the 23...i pray all is gonna be right there....i have been waiting for many years here in marin county california...

    i guess they have some funds and started w/disabled people first...

    wish me luck...and i wish the same for all of you....

    oh i did get some more good news today...i did get a scholarship based on my past that is an extra 1,600.00 that will help pay for some gas for sure...

    i need to lower my dosage of my vavactil...back down to the bare soon as i up it half mg...i start getting that burning scolding pain throughout my body....

    so i will take half a tablet in the morning..i am high multichemical sensistive...

    so atleast some good news is coming my if i could ever get the ssa office to take care of the money they owe me...and remove the bad credit off my fico for non payment...they just mixed everything up for me...

  2. 69mach1

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    or even go on the website...

    i have some great ones out here...i need to apply for another one from marin county...because of the projected career goal i am trying to attain...

    i have been also looking into other schools that maybe able to transfer my get into sonographer or mri tech...they need radiation therapists...but mentally i do not know if mentally i could hold up to the thought that i gave radiation to help cure the cancer....then find out later that person past on to the depression may flare up...but maybe w/the right therapy for me...i can get over it...

    i realize that most people survive the treatments...

    well good job finding out where all of your classes are even extra early willow....

    i've done that for dr appt's before...a week early...

    thank you donniel...i am sorry the darn judge didn't look a little more throughly into the ex's assets.....

    did you atleast get more child support?

    i can't wait to go raise mine again...

    but i have mine section 8 coming on my way...i just pray the good lord is looking over me so i don't lose it any way...

    this will be like winning the lotto for the low income...but i know i will not be rich...but who knows what life w/bring..

    and i don't want to tell the ex i have it..then if i go to increase c/s he will hit the roof again...


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    Just sending some good luck and wait to go wishes to you. I finished my associates degree in early childhood education last semester. I was diagnosed in the middle of internship...I prayed every day that I would be able to finish.

    I did it...with honors even! I took this semester off, but I plan to return in the spring. What website did you look at for scholarship info. I have a Senior in highschool who will need scholarship help and I will need it too.

    Thanks and hang in there!

  4. pam_d

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    I used to live in Marin, in Larkspur, many years ago. Had the most beautiful view then! Used to hike on Mt. Tam...

    I'm glad things are working out well for you, good luck with school!

  5. CockatooMom

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    I start back Sept 5th. Keep us updated!

  6. mrdad

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    I'm real happy that you will be starting school Monday!!

    Did you get your auto fixed?

    Was almost on your backdoor again last nite over in Mill

    Valley. Had dinner with my friends and always enjoy being

    with them. The boys just turned two and four in July and

    they consider me like an Uncle. If I don't see them for

    a couple of weeks it seems they change alot in a short

    amt. of time!

    Their parents are 30 and 35 and just wonderful ones. Hope

    soon to relieve them some evening so that they can come

    over to S.F. somenite an have an evening to themselves.

    The boys are very comfortable with me and I think it

    would work out fine. Let me know how many classes and

    Units you will be taking. Hope your Son is doing well


    "Talk" later, P.S. It was my Daughter's B'Dåy today
    and I don't know where 29 yrs. went!
  7. 69mach1

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    i don't remember that song...but what about that song from pink floyd? we don't need no education....

    thank you and i am happy to hear your viral stuff is giving you some relief///

    your thread is getting quite an interest for sure...


  8. 69mach1

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    did you fill out the fafsa? and check w/your local college you are going to....look on the college of interest...ask your current college counselor...there are loans out there for school teachers that may even be forgiven..but you may need to work in an area that is not that desirable...

    at my son's school we get monthly letters and they are always telling us about all the different scholarships available to apply for and the you son and you maybe able to get some help through them....

    contact and look up on the college websites alot of them tell you about scholarships and deadlines...

    good luck two more years to go for you...

  9. 69mach1

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    i think your the onw that told me to go to safeway in the marina for singles nights....

    that you for your support....


  10. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    good job on your gpa...check w/your colleg counselor about scholarships...that is their jobs to help you out...

    hugs to you and here is to more mental focusing

  11. 69mach1

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    i was in tiburon on thursday night at a friend's house...we were having a predivorce party...i feel for her but she is doing quite well..hb cheated on her...

    my car...just slipped had the transmission place go for a test drive w/me and well didn't do it of course when they were in the car w/me...

    today left costco..sitting at stoplight talking to a nice homeless man..telling him i am sorry i can not contribute etc....he said that is just saying hello to him means alot to him...he was telling me how he went out and bought some t shirts and bought the wrong size...i wanted to come home and give him some of my son's...his was too small..

    well went to take off and had my car in slipped i dropped it back down to drive...i thought that was where i had it in the first place...

    well eventually it took off..thank god i aaa tow..

    i am getting nervous about transportation...and money...

    my friend that is getting divorce her hb and technically her as well owns a car dealership in marin i may need to go to him and ask him what he may do for me for a car...

    i will be taking out a student loan...if ssa doesn't pay me my money they owe has been ridicoulus...

    and my son is doing fine..practice high school he goes to...they won the north coast division last year and is hoping the do they same again...then he gets a i only thought you got those when you won the "rose bowl" and your from my favorite collegiate team university of michigan!

    maybe in a couple of years we can go meet and watch him play for standford or cal...or wait for him to come back from michigan to play ball!

    i think that is more of my dream than i will not push it...he wants to mainly develope video games...or be a firefighter or possibly a policeman...then recently he has mentioned working in pipefitting like his father does...

    wow i wrote a novel..

    i hope didn't bore you...glad you got to have fun in mill valley..

  12. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i am taking math, english and general psychology///

    10.5 almost full time...but it is considered full time for my scholarship...

    i'll keep every posted...

  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    ihope you get thru your nursing program if my memory serves me correctly your almost done...


  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Re: Your car. It could be that the bands in the tranny

    are 'slipping' and may just need to be adjusted. Please

    get two "opinions" before you commit $$$. Get one opinion

    from "Click" the other from "Clack", the "TAP-IT" bros. on

    NPR. You know what I mean! (Is it an older vehicle?)

  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    thank you for helping me...sincerely...

    it is a 1990 chevy celebrity station has 94,500 miles on it....i didn't have problems w/this unitl i had 10 minute oil change basically suck out the old fluid from the top of the tranny dip stick area...then refill it with new...

    then it started slipping...the man i bought the car from about 2 years ago for 1300.00 said leave it in overdrive...

    the transmission place said no it is for highway speeds...

    so maybe i over used it by doing this...

    i am sort of at a loss as to whether if i should sink more money into...i just bought new tires all they way around at costco...for about 200.00 not bad....put almost 400.00 into a new radiator and that includes the oil change from my normal mechanic....

    then i sunk 221.00 the end of july to have 10 minute oil change, change motor oil...supposedly flushed transmission fluid and replace it...but they did they above...i have a filter in there...and that meant they needed to replace the filter and drain fluid from the bottom of the car...

    and they did the same w/power steering fluid..oh yeah cleaned the injectors...found out the wrong way as well..

    so i spent 275.00 last week or get the tranny filter and fluid changed out properly...

    well now it is slipping again...

    so what was the place you were referrring to ..i forgot the place you had it in san francisco...or is this an expression that i niaveley do not understand?

    i understand a second opinion...but when i went to test drive it it wouldn't do it for them..when i was in the car ..

    thankk you

  16. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i will see if i can find out anything.....
    thank you so much

  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    They are a talk in radio show on Public Radio whereby

    you phone in and ask car repair questions of them. It

    is very humorous as well as informative but probably

    not a serious alternative for you. Seems that if you were

    not having problems before the service work, that

    the shop that did the initial work would be liable.

    Small claims is a possiblity if they refuse to take

    responsibility for their mistakes! Problem is it doesn't

    become a short term answer to your problem.

    I would get another shop to look at the car. Maybe even

    two other opinions. I fairly sure that overdose of fluid

    can make Tranny slip.
    Wish I was a mechanic and could help!!
  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i am wondering about the over filling...oh my...

    anyways...i did google the bros....i still have it in my google search space...

    well thank goodness i have family in michigan that are mechanic' they can do me no good...

    and well i guess my father and mother have considered me dead again..last year...that is what happens when you tell the truth about a molesting father...anywho//

    i thank you so much for your input...i'll keep you apprised of the situation here...

    i was going to go to the club 181,the cellar, and the then the end up tonight..but my friend couldn't get a babysitter we went out to dinner at the round table pizza..w/the kids and had a glass of red wine...good for the heart right...?

    well thank you you go to the giants games or the 49'rs?

    well giants play tomarrow so san francisco will busy again...when isn't it?

  19. fibrohugslife

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    Hi Jodie,

    Congrats on starting school, I start on Tuesday and LOL I am not ready. However I have this weekend to clear up files on my computer and get ready.

    Anyway I hope all works out well for you and everyone on here too.


  20. 69mach1

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    tuesday...i have one day and i still need to get to's sunday morning here in california 3:25am...boy i will need to be taking my klonopin much sooner than this time...

    i think i don't have to be to school until noon on monday...i will need to look up my schedule...i swear i can't remember it yet...

    getting sleepy...i had to do some investigating on my exhb and find a pic of his tatoo...i wrote about it to rockgor..

    goodnight and welcome home..