scalp/ear problems related to immune system?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Junie, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. Junie

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    Hi, Curious to hear if anyone has had some sort of erruptions in the form of small pimple - like erruptions on the scalp, later to become more like carbuncles (swollen areas ) with areas of erruption on them. Also associated with this has been an ear and throat infection/with fluid in the ears. Has been on Antibiotics, more than once.
    My son ( in his 40's ) has been treated for this now for several MOs., first by his Dr, then Eye,Ear,Nose and Throat, today by an Allergist ( neumerous tests that showed only allergy to grass, which we already knew ). Next he goes to an Immunologist for tests.
    I do not live near-by him so have not had occasion to observe this condition myself.
    Any comments or similar experiences are welcome.
  2. JLH

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    During this last year, I have developed what the docs now call scalp psorisis. I started out with small pimple-like areas on my scalp. They then kind of burst and formed little sores, then became white, thick, crusty-like patches on my scalp.

    I have been to a dermatologist and have stuff to treat it with, but I think I have it for life, according to everyone else here who has, or knows someone with, scalp psorisis.

    All I know is that it is the pits! I hate this problem!

    I do not have any ENT problems, though.

  3. Rosiebud

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    little sore bumps all over, erupting, itching worse if I use different shampoos, been to dermatologist who didn't know what it was??

    If I stick to the same shampoo, it's not special just one my scalp is used to, then its not so bad.

    I get recurring ear infections, where my ears itch and are painful.

  4. merrie

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    Yes, I have been having this problem real bad for about 2 years ever since the doc found out I have a autoimmune thyroid condition and gave me radioactive iodine treatment.

    When my levels became to low they but me on synthroid and thats when my scalp started doing this real bad. The doc have guess several different things and I too had been on doxy for 5 months and it helped kept the infection down in the bumps. Went to doc yesterday and now she thinks it is Psoriasis.

    I also have multiple chemical sensitivity, and I am very sensitive to meds. I use to be a hairstylist and it had got where everytime my scalp came in contact with bleach I would get a big boil on my scalp and my lymph nodes in my neck would swell up. My doc back then told me that I had a allergy to the bleach and not to highlight my hair anymore. I ended up having to quit work. This makes me wonder if it could be something I am taking now like my thyroid meds causing this. The doc want talk about this because they don't want to change my meds and I have to take it to survive now because my thyroid is no longer working right.

    Well, I don't think so far nobody really knows what is causing this to happen so I try to deal with it the best I can for now and keep searching for answer. I hope your son's doc can help him.