scalp hive size bumps on scalp that are painful ,burning,itchy,scaley,oozy

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    YUK!!! Anyone else have this I have never had anything like this before. My scalp has always been fine before this. My hair started to fall out for the past year. Its a good thing it started out thick because I can easily collect a baggy full in a few days Then out of the blue I developed a few bumps then more and more and they became itchy and scaly and oozy. They hurt like crazy and are driving me mad. Its really discusting.
    Has anyone elses experienced this. I have lyme disease along with several other tick bourne ailments and several coinfection. Also Fibro and ME so Im a mess just making it one day at a time. I go through the usual up for a few days then crash. I do take a good protiein drink with acai,pomogranite,"green machine" (its a mixture of green premixed liguid) also supplliments and well ect... healthy ..that is when I can eat I could go and do go for many dats unable to eat ever since the 25 tick bites. I think if you do a search for a name you can bring up past posts.
    Anyway my Dr gava me prednisone tabs and a "Lidex" solution but id doesnt seem to be getting anybetter. It starts to suubside a bit and wam full forse again the next day.
    anyone have any idea?
    Thanks in advance ~ Sally
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    Sorry to hear you are so sick.

    I have read posts about scalp lesions like that on's Medical Questions Board.

    Some people have related them to parasites, and you can go there, sign up and read posts about that if you use the Search, or post your own questions.

    I just wanted to say that in Dr Burrascano's paper, "Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease", he says on page 12 under the topic of "General Information" that Lyme patients should never be given steroids (prednisone). They can make you worse.

    Sounds like you really need a Lyme Literate MD (LLMD). You can find one by posting on's "Seeking a Doctor" board.

    It does not sound like your Dr understand lyme and coinfections or knows how to treat lyme and coinfections according to ILADS guidelines.