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  1. sabs

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    I was wondering if anyone has found some relief from constant scalp itch.I have been to 3 dermatologists and even have had steroid injections on my scalp. All the creams, lotions, oils and any steroid solutions irritate after @ 2-3 usages.The last dr told me he can't do anything else for me unless I take BuSpar. I tried it, but it gave me anxiety attacks(I am atypical with those type of drugs).
    I have tried various other natural products with limited success.I am now seeing a naturopath dr. My FMS flared up worse with the change in the weather, but the scalp problem is constant. Any advice would be appreciated
  2. rbecca47

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    i to have a itchy, scalp, i have found the selson blue shampoo, works well. helps relief the itch for awhile. i know aveda makes a medicated shampoo for itch scalp. but you can only get it from a salon and it is very expensive. i have also used a tar shampoo, hope this helps. itching right along with you
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    You can buy that at Walmart and that works well for me. After you use it a while, you don't have to use it but once a month. Just go by the directions on the bottle. I usually lather just once, though, then rinse.

    I hate Selsun Blue because of the smell of the stuff. This shampoo has a pleasant smell.

    This may be the answer to your problems as this Nizoral shampoo kills off a certain type of yeast that lives on the scalp. This shampoo used to be available only via Rx.

    Hope this helps you. Look for it with the dandruff shampoos.

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    ... my husband has this problem too ( severe exposure in Gulf to chemical smoke initiated allergies etc .. ) he found a product called 'Scalpicin" .. at the drug store ..nonperscription .. it calms it down a bit .. but he also has to see a dermitologist .. it is a very irritating problem .. wish I could have a better remedy for you guys !
  5. Suzan

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    Try putting some tea tree oil into a mild shampoo..and use that when you wash your hair. I find that helps me a lot! No dandruff, and very few itchy scalp episodes anymore.