scared and in increasing pain! (vent)

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    I need to vent something bad...thanks in advance to any listeners. I feel all alone with no relief in sight!

    At first, at least my doc is investigating further, and I am being referred to specialists now...but, I am in more and more pain each day now and nothing I have is helping it. I have tried tons of pain meds, no help. My doctor tried to say that it was because I had taken them too much and developed a resistance. I had NEVER taken anything besides ibuprofen and tylenol prior to last May (even after a surgery, I only took Motrin!!!!) So, that REALLY can't be it.

    I have tried natural therapies, supplements, massage, physical therapy, accupuncture, chirpractic, diet changes, etc. This pain has been going on for years...I have given each more than a fair chance to help.

    Now, in the last week, my joints have gotten unbelievably painful. Pain meds haven't touched the pain, so I've tried heat, baths, massage, to no avail.

    I'm 27 years old...I have a son who just turned 1. I just don't know what to do anymore. This is all so overwhelming.

    I am a stay at home mom, so now the pressure is increasing...and I have a huge question...If this keeps up, how long before I cannot take care of my son?! Though, if he had a different personality, I would already be at that point...he truly is a blessing. He is not only ok with me not picking him up, he'd really rather walk-he does NOT like being held for long periods. Plus, he sleeps like an angel-still 14-16 hours per day!! (I would have worried about so much sleep, but my brother and I were both the same way clear into adulthood!)

    It feels good to let this out, now if I could just find anything to lower my pain level-I'd be ecstatic with a 5 at this point.

    Thanks for listening
    ~Gentle Hugs~
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    Jamie- Hey I know you dont know me-but i just read your post. I am sooooo sorry you are in soooo much pain. Could you ask your Dr. to switch you to something else-also what about something for breakthrough pain??? I hope your Dr. would change your pain meds if you have built up a resistance. Maybe you could get referred to a pain management doctor/neuroligist. I did last year and he has helped me so much. In the mean time i will be thinking of you and praying for you.( also if you cant go to the Doctor soon-- can you go to the E.R. for some immediate help) Let me know and take care--Laura
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    Did you ever get your hormone levels checked? Especially Cortisol.

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    I am sorry you have not found a doctor to address your pain. It is very hard to find a doctor who is really knowledgable about pain management for fibro patients.

    I have a excellent doctor, but he is here in Torrance, CA - S. CA. If you can ever get down here, you could see him. He actually has patients who come to him from all over the US.

    Pain treatment is tricky, sometimes you just have to keep trying different combinations, its all trial and error.

    Also, the doctor needs to know how to handle "tolerance" issues. (my doctor does)

    If you ever interested, I can give you info on my doctor.

    He is the most compassionate doctor I have ever met.

    As respects to your son, if you cannot take care of him, what would you do? I am worried about you... I do believe you can get the proper treatment but you have to find the right doctor.
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    I feel for you. It must be very hard to be in so much pain especially as young as you are. I think God gives us moms a little extra will when it comes to caring for our children. I have a two year old baby girl. She has special needs as she was born with microchephaly (small head)and some brain deformatities. She has therapists visit with her several times a week. She is the light of my life though. I couldn't imagine life without her. I also have a 3 year old and a 1 year old granddaughters that I watch almost daily so my daughter can work. The 3 babies are such a handful for me as sick as I have been. The 1 year old wants to be held all day and she is so heavy, a real chubaroo, haha!
    Just watch out for the terrible two's, that's when the kids really like to get into everything in sight!
    I pray you will find some sort of relief for your pain soon.
  6. Cromwell

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    You have this unremitting pain. Hopefully a specialist will help you out. I have personally found that nothing except the guai(I take it non protocol)and tiger balm rub and the Epsom salt baths and massage from DH give any relief. Meds just seem to make me sicker tell the truth.

    I cannot see why if it isn't working, the doc doesn't try and ease you off them-as you say, you only took Motrin in the past.

    I do think our threshold to meds goes up, which is probably why I cannot get off the Prilosec(only med I take) for the GERD but I am working on it.

    I recently read an article that the woman said that if docs in this country were not so scared they would prescribe opiaites for pain as they are actually safer than taking a bunch of other stuff. In UK and Canada one can get Codeine OTC.

    I feel for you. I too am doing a round of specialists next and following week.

    Love and Hugz Anne C