Scared, any info greatly appreciated

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    Hi my name is Nikki R. and thank god I found a place were I can chat with other fibromyalgia sufferers. I dont know how to get to the chat room could someone please help me? I am new to this but not fibromyalga. I am scared. I am now disabled from this illness and to be honest I just tried not to deal with it until I had to. Well I have to, the pain is through out my whole body and it has affected my sleep. I go for a sleep study tommorrow. I just wished I hadn't tried to ignore this. On the positive I am glad to be here and know we can learn alot from each other.
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    With a lot of people that pass along a lot of information.
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    Like the others have said, you can get a lot of info on the fibro board. I have never gone to the chat room so I can't help you there, but someone on the fibro board will be able to help you, I'm sure.

    I am disabled, too, and also in a wheelchair. I am retired after working 30+ years, and went on disability a year after I retired. I am disabled due to many heart problems, diabetes, lupus, fibromyalgia, CFS, severe arthritis, multiple severe back problems, obstructive sleep apnea, and the list goes on and on.

    I have had a sleep study and as a result now sleep with a CPAP machine with oxygen piped into it. It takes a few days to get used to your mask, but now I could not sleep without it!

    Take care.
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    Welcome, I am fairly new to the board also, I know how you feel mine started off not so bad 11 yrs ago but in the past 2 yrs it has been real bad, I just filed for SSDI last yr, I think though that as the more stress, trauma, surgeries you go through it exasebates your flare ups which they seem to progress, but its just that they are much harder on you. I have the widespread pain also, I am on alot of heavy duty meds. Which now I am starting to sleep better but I go through my phases as we all do I'm sure.

    The best think to do would find a great pain management Doc. if you don't mind me asking what state are you in?

    Good Luck,