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    I am so afraid of my appointment tomorrow. I am going three to four hours away from where I live to see a pain specialist for the first time. I asked for suggestions in a post but only got two peoples responses. They were great suggestions and I did make alot of notes. I have been doing that anyway for a long time. Kind of a diary.

    To the point though, I am scared that I am going to be negated and blown off once again. I don't know that I can take this again and am afraid of the way I will react if this happens.

    I have suffered w/ this DD for so many years. I was dx'd in "92 and was treated greatly by my doc as she had the illness too so she was VERY understanding and helpful. Since she left her practice to do research, I have stumbled around from doc to doc trying to find this good treatment again. Man, I am so hopeful. I really don't want to be let down again.

    I have to go by myself as I don't have anyone that can go with me and I am really nervous. Not only about seeing this new doc but I have never gone to this particular town before and am nervous about getting there. I guess the only good thing is that my SO has told me to take his car as it is a "98 and has full coverage ins. If anything happened, I would have roadside assistance. God, I hope nothing happens! I don't want to curse myself.

    Wish me luck! I just really needed to vent. Thanx for listenning.
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    Remember that you are worth the trip and worth being treated well by the Dr! Command respect and don't take anything less. And, come back and tell us how it goes!
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    Good luck with new doc. I hope you find what you need. I will keep you in my prayers. Patty
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    First of all----"loved your head line as that is a common problem for us." I also see a pain specialist and find he has become TOO busy and taking TOO many patients. I see him in the winter here in Florida and have none at home so I am what your headline said about upsetting him and when I mentioned the net and what i read on it he told me to not pay attention to it. So-----I tread lightly as I am in great need of his care. Is`nt that a terrible position to be in? Last month I waited an hour and a half to see him and was told I would have to reschedule as he had to do surgery. I was seeing him as my pain had gotten unbearable so have really suffered this month I have waited.I really hope you have found a super doctor who does not have an obvious ego problem. Believe me I am looking for a new doctor when I get home.
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    Hi teawah~~I was anxious and scared also. My physician had me see the PS just as a "consult" to document his records that we were on the right path for the narcotic pain management he had me on. And, I was scared shitless that this PS was going to take one look at me, blow me off, and take away my meds which are the only thing that enables me to work part-time or have any quality of life.

    Of couse, I was not sent for the FM/CFS. I've never gotten any help with that since I was 15, and I'm almost 54 now. I was put on the narcotic pain management for the advanced degenerative disc disease in my back.

    I couldn't even sleep the night before, and like you, I had to drive myself to another town almost 40 miles away, find the building he was in, and sit with baited breathe.

    However, that morning I was to go, I took a nice, long shower, imagined myself under a beautiful waterfall, and washed my body slowly that morning paying attention to how the lemon-scented shower gel smelled and how good it felt massaging my aching body with the soapy-scented sponge all the while listening to mellow, mystical music. Afterwards, I moisturized and powdered my whole body, put on "very" casual (non-dressy) clothes, blow-dryed my hair simple, and put on very little makeup so that he could easily see the dark circles under my eyes, the exhaustion on my face--and I didn't take my meds the night before or that morning so he could see my pain "unmedicated". I didn't look too sharp, but I wanted to make sure he got the REAL picture. And, I was miserable from not taking my meds the night before or that morning, but I wanted him to see the Truth.

    To relieve my anxiety as I drove down the highway, I brought a beautiful, relaxing CD and listened to the music as I focused on the springlike day, the sunshine reflecting rainbows on the windshield, and gazed out at nature while feeling grateful that I was "able" to see a Pain Specialist when others here can't afford to see one, or get a referral, or have to wait 6 months. I spent the drive looking at The Creator's Creations.

    When I finally found the building and finally located his office--his lobby was packed with people. I thought--OH NO! He's just going to run me in and run me out....he's so busy. But, he spent 45 to 50 minutes with me even though his nurse kept reminding him every 15 minutes that he was running late and his next, and next appointment was there.

    He was very kind and compassionate, asked the "3 Major Questions"--FREQUENCY, DURATION, & SEVERITY of my pain, how it affected my day, normal routine, when was it worse, when was it better, what made it worse, what made it better, how had it changed my life, where did it hurt the most to the least, how well did I sleep, what other medical complications did I have, and then he gave me a thorough examination, and wanted to run some tests because he was the one who discovered the nerve damage. He also had one of those long Q & A forms to fill out which had a picture of the human body, and you had to color in the areas that hurt.

    In the end, he actually asked me if I thought my medications were sufficient--and I'm on some pretty potent pain relievers. I said yes. But, he went ahead an upped the soma, bextra, and klonopin--and left the oxycontin and percocet the same. And I got the feeling that if I had actually BEEN his patient rather than a consultant referral from my physician--that he would have raised the oxycontin.

    When I got the bill--it was only $85.

    My best advice is look your worst and tell it like it is. BE GRAPHIC. You'll do just fine, and hopefully, finally get the help you need. Let us know how it goes. Best Wishes and Blessings to You, Carol....

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    Just want to wish you well ...let us know what happens.

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    Most docs tend to beleive what they see on paper, I'd keep a diary (which you said you're doing) detailing the severity of my pai during the course of day/night, whaat meds give he most relef with a minimum of side effects, etc, etc. I'd also bring a list of docs seen in the past, list of meds currently taken and those taken in the past, list of medical procedures done, etc, etc. I know this sounds elementary but ost docs respond well to a patient who is prepare and is taking a proactive part in his/her treatmnt
    OK, now the practical advice is over with. I know how scare you are that you will be writen of by your doc. I go through that every time I see a new doc, esp since I also hav schizoafectve disorder (so I'm certifiably crazy.) But, hard as it is to do, try to relax. Just be as prepared as you can.
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    It is a good idea to ask if this doc treats CFS/FMS and the associated pain. This isn't foolproof, but it sure helps narrow the field.

    My pain doc knew more about our illnesses than any doc I had found to that point. Good luck.

    Love, Mikie
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    You go girl..Best wishes sweetie!
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    Brave not scared is how I would describe you! Not only are you going to see a new doc you are also going on the road to do it. Ya got guts teawah!!!

    I had to go to a pain specialist in order to get a firm diagnosis last November. The other docs in my town don't or won't recognize fibromyalgia. All I ever got for my efforts with them was that I was overweight and lazy. The only advice I ever got for my money was don't eat so much and get some exercise. It didn't matter that I hurt so much that it was a monumental effort just to get to the bathroom at times!! I finally decided to make an appointment to see the pain doc who spent an entire hour with me for an exam to diagonis this pain in the butt---along with other areas---disease. The best part was the look of understanding in her eyes about the pain and she told me that it wasn't all in my head, I wasn't crazy!! When she asked who had referred me to her my answer was ME! So----I would say go for it, what do you have to lose?

    Although we are still working on finding the right meds for me I can report that I am much better and am looking forward to improving more.

    Teawah--be strong--tell it like it is.

    Take care and laugh when you can to stay sane.
    {{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} lynnkat
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    Keep good thoughts about how much better you will feel for seeing this new Dr.I have been going to pain spec. for just about a year.As I tell my husband-I have found the man of my dreams!!On my first visit he spent about one and a half hours asking me questions,checking for tender points,and also had my husband come into office so he could explain what he thought.The first thing he was concerned about was my sleep,pain second.Both of which is under control now.
    He has been great-and sooooo understanding!!!I cannot tell you how different my life is now.
    I now have spine problems and he has me going to PT,doing water exercise class-am also back to gym-doing weight trainig two days a week.most days I live an almost normal life (except for those nasty flares).
    There is hope-just go with an open mind that maybe this Dr. is the one for you!!!!
    Let us know how you make out-Good Luck
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    You're going to be fine. Look @ this as looking through a new window with a different scene.You'll be great!!
  14. teawah

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    Your support has been so helpful and I just wanted to say that I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!

    My appt. went GREAT!
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    I made a post one about this. I dread going, I know what my doc always is going to do and say. My hopes were to finally go to pain management doc that was suggested. As soon as he saw I had fm/cfids/lyme he never even walked in the room and all I wanted was some help for spinal stuff,injections even if it was just saline. He dimissed me. On the good news part, my gal friend finally found a friend and helped her so much with her pain specialist.I always ask ahead of time if they know about this and found out not everyone is always truthful I will not try to depress you about my visit. So I am so happy for my friend after going to so many docs. Keep the faith no matter what the outcome. Hope it is what you need and I know you do.. Let us know be sure to be prepared. Sweet Huggssss along the way....