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  1. Peashock

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    I have constant left side rib pain and side pain and it scares me terribly. I keep reading how so many people have terrible rib pain/back pain etc… with FMS.. I have never been diagnosed with FMS, but I have always thought I had it—due to my neck, shoulders and now my rib cage being very sore and just living in this constant pain. HELP!!!

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  2. Shirl

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    I have that rib pain TODAY! If its what I have its called; Costachondriasis, the only thing I do for it is take an Advil gel cap with a small dose of Xanax, rap a heating pad around it.

    Someone here gets shots for it, I am sure they will explain what it does too.

    If you have not been diagnosed with Fibro, you sure sound like that is what you have. I have had pain in every area you mentioned, plus my knees and heels too.

    The ribs, upper back, shoulders and the chest are the worst.

    Hope you get some relief soon.

    Shalom, Shirl
  3. pamela

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    My FMS started out with rib pain on each side and switching back and forth with the utterly dreadful waist pain and achyness. I had a colonoscopy May 2002 and doc said I had a perfect colon. Thank goodness for that. I notice that when I take meds that I have reactions to... its worse. Also my diet can irritate it. I drink 64 oz. of water 3 times a day and use heat with pain pills. I have never had the chest pain checked out because it comes and goes. I can go a few months with out major daily reactions. Wierd huh? Just think its part of this FMS. I also have multiple chemical sensitivity. I would suggest to get yourself checked out for peace of mind and try pain meds and heat. Also a hot bath helps. Get your doctor to prescribe you something if it does check out to be what Mikie mentioned in earlier post. Cheers and hugs..... Pamela
  4. Tattoopixie

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    I too, get rib pain. See your Dr to be sure you have not cracked a rib. If no cause is found, then it is most likely costochondritis or FM. Have you had an endoscopy done? You could also be suffering from gastritis, which is an inflammation & they can treat that w/prilosec &/or nexium. If pepto bismal helps your pain, then it's a stomach thing & you need to get the endoscopy done. Hope you have less pain soon!
    ~ Pixie ~
  5. Peashock

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    Thank your response.. I did have my ribs x-rayed and nothing showed. The doctor now wants me to get a Cat Scan of my abdomen. Has anyone ever had a C-Scan??
  6. Peashock

    Peashock New Member

    Thank you for your response.. It is just so painful having this side rib pain and sore ribs everyday. My doctor now wants me to get a cat scan of my abdomen and this scares me terribly. Have you ever had one? Also, how long have you had the rib side pain?

  7. Tattoopixie

    Tattoopixie New Member

    Now you will really think I am crazy, but I do know that I had a CT scan done on my head a year ago & I can't remember a thing about it! How's THAT for weird?! So I guess I should say I don't remember it being bad at all-lol...
  8. tes

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    It's me Tes Sorry to hear that you are still having the rib pain. So am I. Worse than ever before. I have barely slept from it. I have not had a cat scan. Although, I have had numerous tests...upper gi, barium enema, xrays, abnomanal ultrasound(liver, gallbladder etc.), blood work. I am seeing my stomach specialist today and he is scheduling me for an endoscopy(this is where they put a tube with a camera on the end of it down to your stomach) and I'm also going to recommend an HIDA scan for the gallbladder. My pain is on both sides on my lower ribs and it also hits my waistline. What type of pain do you feel. Mine is real bad pain. I can handle the achyness but the deep pain is what throws me off. Do you get alot of gas pain with this and is it on the sides towards your back or more central. I know this is scary. I have had this symptom since July with no relief. I don't get nauseous, vomitting, fever etc. It's just the pain. My energy levels are also normal. I don't know what to say. I hope we find relief soon and I hope your cat scan goes well. It dosen't hurt. I had one on my head last year. They will lie you on a bed and a machine will pass over you until the area there scanning is done. Good luck and post back. Gentle hugs. Tes.
  9. Peashock

    Peashock New Member

    Hi Tes,
    I was so happy to hear back from you.. Yes, my pain is constant too just under my left ribs and on the left side.. It is just a nagging ache that makes me feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Especially if I touch the area and press on it. I do not have any gas with the pain--I know this questions sounds strange,but do you have any problems with constipation? I did, but the doctor told me to take Senokot and I have been better.. I am sorry to hear you are still in pain too. It is just a horrible burning nagging ache. That is a good idea you are having an endoscope and HIDA scan--My friend had one last year because she said this is the only way to really diagnose Gallbladder problems. I had an endoscope several years ago and they put you under so you do not even know anything happened.
    It was not that bad. It only showed that I had a diverticulm on my Esophagus. They said it was harmless and I was probably born with it. Other than that, everything was fine...I have been so scared to get this cat scan because someone said your pancreas is under your left rib and side and I have been so scared something is wrong with that. At this point, I think you know what I mean, everything scares us when it comes to this horrible pain.
    Please let me know what your doctor said.. Take care Tes.

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  10. Silverwell

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    I would suggest that you have someone (chiropractor?) check out your spine and ribs and you will probably find that they are out of alignment. The soreness and tender areas that you feel are caused by tight intercostal muscles and the nerves are irritated. I have the same thing - there are places on my right side that are really sore and tender, and I get a burning sensation which I can track along my ribs. You can get help for this and probably don't need all those invasive and expensive tests.