Scared in BAD flare

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lease79, Nov 7, 2006.

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    Brief history....
    Last Friday my Mother & I went to Adelaide to pick up some stuff for her shop. This included 20 bags of potting mix that we had IN the car with us.
    The drive home took 2 hours (it wasn't a hot day,) but the whole way home I was in a panic about legionnaires disease & have been ever since. By day 2 I was in a wicked flare up :( I've jammed my arms & my neck solid. I don't think I've ever had pain this bad for this long :(
    I'm still really REALLY scared & hurting SOOOOOO bad.
    I went to see my Dr & he told me that the chances of catching it were minute esspecially seeings though the bags weren't open, but I just can't relax.
    I've worked myself into a right state.
    My post-nasal drip has gone grazy, as has the reflux & I have the worst sore throat & nose :( This flare is kicking me & every little symptom I get I think is legionnaires & not fibro.
    For those of you who pray or do healing work of any kind, could you please spare a prayer for me that I'll be okay. I'd really appreciate it.


  2. Lisa, when I'm in flare like that, I use lots of heat. A nice hot soak really helps me. Plus using heat packs with moist heat. I also have used a heating pad, but dry heat doesn't seem to do the job as well as moist heat. I have a thera-cane to work on my triggers. When I am in severe pain, I do resort to prescribed pain killers such as Ultram. Most of the time I will try Homeopathy first, and pain killers second. I have been in such pain sometimes, that even clothes hurt.

    Thinking of you.
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    You sound upset, scared and panicky, yet just try and remember one thing, the more you try and fight the pain the more it intensifies. I agree with the previous post about the warm bath or shower, whichever you can manage...

    Heres another thought that may help decrease the fearful thoughts you are having, it is a very simple technique and helps to turn the light on in the closet where all our monsters live when we are afraid.

    The next time you catch yourslf thinking about getting Legionnaries or anything alse really scary, Imagine you are coming up on a STOP sign, even at three we know we stop at STOP signs, use that as a cue to stop the negative thought, take a deep cleansing breath and rescript the "what could happen" into a more realistic outcome. Your flight or fight mechanism (adrenaline) can't kick in if you don't give it the power with the what ifs, then try imagining or even writing down 10 positive or other reasons why this fear is unrealistic. Also have agood cup of soothing tea. Helps to calm the soul. My idea may sound silly, but I have used this approach on clients and myself on many occasions, with fairly good reults, it is form of rescripting the negative thinking to either neutral or positve. What do you have to lose but fear and anxiety. Hope this was helpful, understand your fear....


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    Thankyou all for your support. I really appreciate it :)
    Still feeling scared, but a little better than what I was.
    As for being scared of Legionnaires in the potting mix, in Australia it has been found to be a cause of it.
  5. In that case, the next time you messed with potting soil, I would recommend wearing a N-95 mask. The kind you can find in Lowes, or whatever home improvement place you have in Oz. Over here in Va. even our state epidemologist wears a N-95 mask when fooling with potential infectious situations.


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