Scared Sever Pain in Hip, thigh and shin Anyone else??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sfrazier, Dec 22, 2007.

  1. linda elmer

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    I have fibromyalgia since I was 38 now 55. In the last two years I have same Symtoms as you
    But my Docter told me it was bursitis in the bursa of both hips the pain will spread down legs
    I get cortisone
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    I have some sort of undiagnosed fibromyalgia/CFS. I have no idea what to describe it as. But I have a lot of the symptoms described by people who suffer this illnesses (brain fog, dizzyness, thermoregulation problems, exercise intolerance, muscular pain, neurological pain, foggy visions etc) and have been to a lot of doctors and found nothing else to explain them.

    I have the symptoms described by the OP quite chronically every time I play sport. Always severe pain in my right hip and severe pain in my right shin. I often feel the muscle in the right hip spasming and right shin tightening and painful when I am exercising. This is a sure sign of major pain the next day lasting for up to 1 week. The location of the piriformis seems right where my hip pain originates however nothing I read about piriformis syndrome mentions a correlation between the piriformis pain and the shin pain. In my case the 2 go hand in hand. It is also something that is very one-sided for me. I rarely feel it on the left side, only the right. Descriptions of piriformis syndrome also continually make reference to pain radiating down the back of the leg which i never get. Regarding the shin pain, it runs the full length of my shin on the outside of the bone. It is very sensitive to press.
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    I get piriformis syndrome from time to time and it can cause sciatica, something about the nerve running through or near that muscle. I have brain fog so don't remember exactly.

    The pain for me is the side of thigh down the nerve to really bad pain over the side of calf. It would wake me up every night. After doing exercises for 2 days the pain stopped on my lower leg and hip but my glut muscles were in a world of hurt from the exercises and I needed to sit on a heating pad for a couple of weeks. Whenever it starts back up I do the stretches and it seems to stop it from happening again.

    When I would press on the piriformis muscles on my right side, the side I have pain on, I would feel pain over the whole muscle. Mine is made worse by driving so I avoid that whenever possible.
  4. I have had the same thing going on!! Had lower back and right hip pain for 10 years now but lately it has gotten so much worse! It shoots into the shin bone right in the middle. I've been up all night for a week now trying to find a position of comfort and nothing helps. I'll raise my leg do the bicycle thing, everything! I've already taken 3 codeine this morning, it's not even 10 am,'s not doing anything for the pain!! Sometimes I just want to die to escape the pain. Going for another MRI as soon as I can afford it, no insurance. I hope to find a cure to get my life back, hope you do too.
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    Just reading through this thread now on the hunt for my own answers in regards to this hip pain going into the shin bone! Think I am going to have to get a MRI, but am curious to what you discovered from yours/any other information you found out?