Scared to death of accupuncture What should I do??

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    Kbak, it does NOT hurt for sure....and can be one of the best natural's only been around for 1000 yrs or so....the needles are very fine and I can't even feel them going into my skin.

    I posted a study on Sunflower girl's post she has here to about a German study on thousands who did 15 sessions for their OA knee and getting good relief for 3 months or more. I'm all for surgery any about more issues, do surgery. jam
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    Here is that info, but KNOW one session is not going to do it, unless it's a very mild issue...chronic STUFF will take sessions:

    I'm MAINLY doing acupuncture for narley KNEE and reading this info about a German study of 15 sessions helping the OA knee.....I KNOW it's not quick but can be a lifelong treatment...and many do that for life as I've talked to some folks doing acupuncture. If it can help, it sure beats knee surgeries and all the ramifications of the surgeries:

    Some people say the ancient therapy of acupuncture really works to relieve pain
    – now ... It also helps regulate the body's nervous system, which can stimulate the
    ... In a German study, 304,674 people with knee OA who received 15 sessions of
    ... usual medical care had less pain and stiffness, improved function and better ...
  3. I have been getting acupuncture, and it has been helpful for me. The needles only occasionally give a slight sting. If you are worried about it, ask them to use the tubes to insert the needles. When they do that instead of free-hand, you barely feel it at all.
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    If I ever feel a discomfort, it does NOT last.....just know in China people go almost daily until they get help for their ailments....I don't know if FM/CFS exists in China....maybe someone else knows this. Glad it's helping, it helps me get thru it all....the less drugs I can take, the better off I am overall. jam