Scared to take these meds!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by allipop, Oct 7, 2009.

  1. allipop

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    My PCP ran some tests (wouldnt do Lyme!!) and the only thing out of whack was the thyroid-which was 4.09. He put me on Synthroid. Then today went to the ortho dr who did an xray of my back-which of course showed nothing. He put me on predisone, scheduled a full body bone scan, and physical therapy. So I would be taking replacement hormones from one dr, thyroid med from another, and predisone from another!!!
    My daughter, a nurse, flipped out and said this was not good. (this is all in an effort to find reason for severe back pain and pain in leg from running injury thats not getting any better after 10 weeks) I am also on Flexiril for sleep-but it is not helping at all-Dr wanted me off Ambien for awhile to see if I was reacting badly to it.

    My question-am I taking the right meds? Or too many? I take lots of vitamins, etc. and quai-which helped years ago when I first had this-and have had many good years but now back in the trenches!!!

    Thanks in advice for any help you can offer!!!
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    Do the other doctors know what each one is prescribing for you? I would ask your pharmacist about all these different drugs, they know more than any doctor about medications.

    It sounds like too much of everything to me, but I am no authority!

    I would take your daughters advice, take them all to the pharmacist and see what he/she has to say before you start on all those different drugs to be on the safe side.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I have to agree that this is one for the pharmacist. Every kind of doctor I've ever seen, including dentists, have told me that I should talk to my pharmacist if I'm not sure if I can combine something or how to take a med or just the most basic info.

    I've literally been saved a couple of times because of the pharmacist explaining interactions and amounts. I honestly hope they are paid very well as they seem to have the job of knowing what a med is and how it acts and is metabolized. I'm lucky to live in a small town with a real small-town pharmacist who I can call with any question and I can get a reasoned and knowledgable response no matter who prescribed it.

    Trust your gut on this and do only what you know is safe until you can get a hold of an authority!
  4. Shirl

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  5. wendysj

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    Hi Allipop,

    I'm sorry you are so unsure right now. I can relate. (Long story...) I can only tell you my experience with Flexiril. I was dxed with CFS in '05 by the Mayo Clinic. I tried everything to get good sleep.

    When I finally found a Rhuemy last year, she put me on Flexiril. I started taking 10 mgs at night... I slowly built my way up to 30 mgs at night. It took about a month of taking it before I started noticing the difference.

    At first, the sleepiness in the morning was awful. I started taking it around 7 PM and I woke up around 6:30 the next morning not feeling the sleepiness. I started to feel more awake and rested about 2 months into it.

    I have other things now that I deal with but I would never go back to Ambien. The Flexiril really does help me have good quality sleep... It doesn't make me go to sleep which is good.

    My friend has just recently been diagnosed with Lupus... Her Rhuemy also put her on FLexiril for better sleep. It took her a while to notice the difference but she stuck with it too. She appreciates how much it works now!

    Another thing I would suggest is challange one of your doctors to become the "Team Leader" of your health. I have my Rheumy call my other doctors when I'm concerned they are not all on the same page.

    Good luck! I hope you feel better soon.
  6. allipop

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    I do so love this board!!! People are so helpful and nice!!!! I went to PCP and dumped all my meds the table and asked him if it was ok to be taking all of them!!!

    He suggested that I wait on the thyroid med and the predisone until after my body scan. And he did give me Restoril to help with the sleep as needed as he really does not like Ambien (not crazy about Restoril but I've got to get some sleep!!!!)

    So I feel better-although I am 99% sure this bone scan will not show anything-those of us with Fibro are used to that, aren't we!!!! But there's always that 1% chance we have to rule out so we can move on to the next one!!!!

    Looking forward to better days!!! I am trying hard to get back on the Guai protocol as it has helped in the past.

    Hope everyone gets some kind of relief soon!!!!!
  7. s8vdbygr8ce

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    Just let each dr know about the other and what meds they want u to take and see if it alright?
  8. SwatWife525

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    I would certainly call my Pharmacy!
  9. SnooZQ

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    If starting a regimen of many meds is scary for you, perhaps your PCP or pharmacist could help you plan a schedule of implementation that eases into the meds.

    For people who are med-sensitive & tend to have adverse reactions, it can make sense to start one med at a time & see how the body reacts. This advice may be OK for chronic conditions, but a life-threatening situation may require multiple meds at once.

    In addition to staggered start on the meds, sometimes it is feasible to ease by doing baby-step dosing (say 1/2 of what is RXd). Again, discuss this possibility with your PCP and pharmacist.

    One thing I've noticed about thyroid med is that I sleep much better with it. Not saying that is the entirety of your sleep prob, but low thyroid can contribute to poor sleep. Remember that T meds are best taken on an empty stomach, several hrs either way from other supps, food and even beverages like coffee. Calcium & iron esp will interfere with T meds, if taken close together. Water of course is OK.

    Best wishes.

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