scared today

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bewell4, Feb 22, 2007.

  1. bewell4

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    can't stop tears from leaking out...ive been off cuz my child had an operation earlier. i am so tired. i couldn't leave him alone for 24 hours, been cooking cleaning and i am so exhausted. he is really bored. wish i could get help! help!!
  2. myjoy

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    Hope you and your little one feel better. Ask for help...don't knock yourself out.

    Your child needs you, not a clean house. Take care of yourself.

  3. bewell4

    bewell4 New Member

    a swarm of bees after me, and i am so tired of running, but i can't stop.

    i don't know exactly why, looking back, but i think, partly i *needed* a clean kitchen (know what i mean? for some order and mental peace) and partly trying to keep busy to keep from thinking about the was so awful, can't talk now, and also because i knew i wouldn't be able to do it later, so any second i had i was cooking or cleaning.
    he needs so much attention...i am so tired...
    thanks all
  4. katvwolf

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    Hey hun,

    (((HUGS))). You already sound like a fantastic mother-stop trying to be SUPERmom! I suffer from that, too. ;) Your five year old munchkin isn't going to care about fancy cooking or if the house is clean. Put a movie on, snuggle him/her and lie on the couch. A simple game of tic-tac-toe is good too or just draw stick figures together.

    I read through your profile. You and I are nearly the same age and I know exactly how you are struggling. I was a single mommy until my son was nearly four. I didn't receive any child support, and I was working a customer service job while going back for my teaching cert...with fibro. My son has asthma and I can't tell you how many heart attacks that kid has given me/how many nights I've sat just listening to his breathing! I had to get state medical benefits for him.

    I still guilt myself that I can't be supermom because of the fibro, but I give my kids the best I can. Sometimes, you just have to shrug off the housework/cooking to do the more important things, like hug your kids and play a board game. That's all they care about anyway. :)

    There is nothing wrong with dozing on the couch while you watch a movie together. You're giving it your all and you're human.

    What kind of operation did your munchkin have, if you don't mind me asking?

    Hang in there!

    Here to listen if you need a good vent.

  5. katvwolf

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    Can you take a warm shower or bath? Maybe it would sooth your jittery nerves... Have a cup of non-caff tea and breathe deeply.

    You have nervous energy, which is certainly understandable. I just don't want you to pay for that tomorrow...


  6. bewell4

    bewell4 New Member

    i think i am paying. feels like i am trapped in wet cement.
    we did do a lot of snuggling on the couch. one side effect was that he was very tired. which i don't wish for him, but it has made it easier meet his needs.
    there is so much housework to do...i feel like its going to collapse on my head if i dont keep at it. noone else to do everything for us!
    we have had friends helping, brought balloons for my son, food for me the day of surgery. my boyfriend brought a couple groceries. which is a great blessing/support. whew!
  7. SleepyMama

    SleepyMama New Member you feel. My son's had a few surgeries...once, when I was going to school, he was in the hospital for two months. I slept there at night, went to school during the day, only missed three days during that time, one of 'em, Tarok went into emergency surgery and I got a 0 on an english test I was supposed to do because I didn't show! They wouldn't let me take it after! I managed to pull straight A's in everything until the next hospital visit3 months later where he ended up in PICU for a month and on the ward for a month, then I ended up pregnant again and that was it. No more school for me! My little one's 2 now and his brother's 4 and doing relatively well. We still have hospital visits now and then. My apartments a pig sty, it's almost March and I still haven't taken my Christmas tree down and I think I actually get more done around here when one of the kids gets sick, because the cloud over my head drifts away when the adrenaline rushes in. All of the sudden I'm more organized and efficient, but even feeling almost normal, it's still overwhelming trying to keep up with all the demand, and hold your head together for you kid/s. Did I mention I'm a single Mom too?
    I definitely take solace in a warm bath when I can get it (even if I have to share it with my 2yo). I love my tea. And if you think you might be able to, you might think of doing some gentle yoga stretches/breathing...that REALLY makes a difference for me. (Don't do it before bed though or you won't be able to sleep)
  8. momof471

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    its easy to find things to do when you are nervous or anxious. Try to sit and enjoy your little one when you can. My heart goes out to you, I'd be a wreck if one of mine had surgery.

    God Bless